Back By Popular Demand – Cleanse Challenge!

Spring has sprung!  It’s time to say “buh bye” to winter and prepare your body for summer!

My Seasonal Cleanse Challenge is back by popular demand to help you get back on track, trim down and restore your body just in time for those long summer days that are just around the corner.

Enrollment closes March 29th.  The Challenge starts April 5th.

Use code ‘challengeme’ to jump in for just $39.

I wasn’t planning to offer this BUT the requests just kept rolling in!  See what past participants have had to say here.

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body after spending most of the winter months indoors exposed to a higher volume of toxins and eating heavier foods that can leave us feeling sluggish, tired and a bit fluffy.

If you want to learn more about how toxins impact your health, how to detox them properly and why you should cleanse this time of year, then check out the webinar I did last year before the last Cleanse Challenge – The Truth About Toxins And How To Detox.

My Seasonal Cleanse Challenge is designed to help you:

  • Get back on the clean eating train
  • Ramp up your workout routine
  • Rest and restore your body nightly
  • Flush out any built up toxins
  • And make meditation or any other healthy habit a routine again

All so you can…

  • Have more energy to enjoy life and keep up with its daily demands
  • Lose those last few pounds, get trim and stay that way
  • Blast away the belly bloat for good!
  • Improve your memory, learning ability and mood
  • Sleep better so that you can wake up feeling rested
  • Be more productive at work and in life
  • Have higher quality workouts because you’ll have the energy to do so
  • Improved the conversion of thyroid hormone Free T4 to Free T3
  • Boost your immunity and digestion to heal leaky gut
  • Increase your ability to handle stress, have less anxiety and depression
  • Look younger and have clear skin!

Here’s how the Cleanse Challenge works. Over the course of 28 days you will…

  • Learn what ratio of proteins, carbs and fats are best for your body to boost your energy, weight loss, balance hormones, and reduce belly bloat and inflammation
  • Incorporate the highest naturally detoxifying foods (beets, grapefruit, dandelion greens) into your daily routine to promote the body’s natural cleansing systems
  • Focus on minimizing your intake of the top inflammatory and hormone disrupting foods: gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and alcohol
  • Try simple DIY proven liver flushing techniques to push out those built-up toxins!
  • Receive weekly workout routine video tip to sweat out those toxins!
  • Get accountability to work out regularly, to drink plenty of water and to get quality sleep in order to support the body’s cleansing and healing process
  • Receive 30-minute recorded weekly educational webinars and be part of a special Facebook group for support
  • Get recipes and a checklist to guide you along your journey

AND I’m including a special BONUS ASK THE EXPERT SESSION with yours truly!

The great thing about this program is that you get to make it work for you (this one of the aspects past participants liked about it the most!).

Each program defined “cleansing activity” is worth points daily or weekly, so you get to pick and choose what works best for you in any moment to get the results that you desire! At the end of each week, and the challenge, you will qualify for prizes based on the number of points that you have earned.

There’s no time to waste if you want in on this.  I’m not sure if or when I’ll be offering it again.

Enrollment closes March 29th.  The Challenge starts April 5th

Use code ‘challengeme’ to jump in for just $39.

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