Healthy Holiday Gift Guide [2021]


Your healthy holiday gift guide!

Gift-giving season is in full force, and what better gift is there than the gift of health so you and your loved ones can live your best life? 

I know what you’re probably thinking… Healthy gifts aren’t sexy or exciting like getting a new iPhone, piece of jewelry, or gadget.

And while this might be true, health-supporting gifts are the ones that will keep on giving long after the holidays are gone.  The past two years have really taken a toll on everyone’s health across the globe and it has shown us that we need to take better care of ourselves. 

No one wants to ask for healthy things for the holidays because it’s too taboo, but it’s what we all really want and need in the long run.

A new iPhone or gadget eventually becomes outdated.  A piece of jewelry eventually loses its appeal.  Clothes get old and go out of style.

But your health is something you’ll have for the rest of your life, and in order to make the most out of the rest of your life, you need your health.

In this week’s video and blog, I’m sharing some of my favorite health-supporting tools to help you give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health this holiday season, and beyond!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself (like I do this time of year LOL) or someone else, these health-supporting tools are perfect and I’ll tell you why…


doTerra Essential Oils (click to shop)
Essential oils can be used for a WIDE variety of health-related reasons.  In our house, we regularly use:

  • Lavender daily before bed for restful sleep
  • Peppermint, lavender, and lemon as a combo for seasonal allergy support or as standalone to get rid of headaches and to boost energy; we also use them for cooking
  • OnGuard as a non-toxic cleaning solution, to get rid of workout clothes stank and to fight off the common cold or virus

The best thing about essential oils is that a little bit goes a long way, giving this gift greater value than what you might expect at first glance.

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Pack (click to shop)
Castor oil packs have been a critical part of healing my Hashimotos, mold illness, and weight loss journey for years now. I continue to use one regularly to maintain the results I’ve achieved.  Castor oil packs may not sound sexy but they are life-changing!  This is the perfect gift for you or loved ones who struggle with bloating, constipation, hormone imbalances, and pain.

I use my castor oil pack at least 3 times a week to reduce inflammation, support proper digestion, balance hormones, reduce stress levels, and boost detoxification.  Whatever your health goals are, or healthy actions you are taking, castor oil packs can help you get 10 X the results!

LMNT Electrolytes (click to shop)
Talk about a great incentive to drink more water and an awesome hydrating cocktail mixer all in one.  LMNT electrolytes are part of my daily routine and an essential element to my prolonged 72-hour fasts to ensure my body is always hydrated so it can function optimally and I can feel great.  Plus, their fun, natural flavors can be mixed with club soda to make a magnificent mocktail or margarita with a splash of tequila.  The majority of people are walking around dehydrated without even knowing it.

These are the perfect stocking stuffers to boost hydration and promote more energy, weight loss, hormone balance, and more!

And they even have a Mint Chocolate for a limited time for the holidays!

Pique Tea (click to shop)
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received tea as a gift, and not to sound unappreciative but my only wish is that it would have been tea that was actually good for me.  Pique tea is 100% organic and triple screened for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds to make sure it’s of the highest quality (if you didn’t know, tea can be highly contaminated with toxins!).  Aside from being super high quality, Pique tea is also jam-packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients to boost energy, balance blood sugar, and heal your gut.

One of the best features of this tea brand is that the tea comes in powder form so there’s no messy tea bag or steeper. They can be mixed in cold or hot water, and they are easy to travel with.

Keto-Mojo (click to shop)
Blood sugar imbalances are the number one robber of energy, sleep, and weight loss.  When your blood sugar is on a roller coaster of highs and lows, so is the rest of your life.  The secret to having stable energy, sleep, and weight is stabilizing your blood sugar and Keto-Mojo is the perfect tool to help you dial this in and get your mojo back!  I personally use the Keto-Mojo to spot-check my blood sugar responses to food and to ensure my body is in a fat-burning ketosis mode.

This is the perfect tool to kick off those new year health improvement and weight loss resolutions right!

Vital Proteins Gut Healing Goodness (click to shop)
Vital Proteins makes a wide variety of collagen products to help heal your gut or keep it happy.  Not only does collagen support gut health, but it also promotes younger-looking skin, and strong, thick nails and hair.  Some of my favorite and staple Vital Proteins products include their plain flavored collagen peptides, matcha collagen, and collagen coffee creamers.  Why does this make the perfect gift?  Because who doesn’t want younger-looking skin, better digestive health, and luscious locks of hair!

BeautyCounter Skin & Body Products (click to shop)
Every year I get some kind of beauty, skin, or body care product from someone; a bar of soap, lotion, eye makeup, or even perfume.  And just like tea, I wish the products were good for me but most of the time they aren’t; so they get donated after the holidays.  But with BeautyCounter products, you can’t go wrong.  

This product line is a foundation in our household.  All of my skincare and makeup products are from BeautyCounter, and my husband even uses their men’s line.  Aside from being a cleaner, safer skin and body-care line, BeautyCounter is also a B-Corporation, meaning they support nonprofits that align with their mission and invest in a cleaner future by partnering with leading scientists in the search for safer ingredients that will make up the better products for tomorrow.

You can grab individual items or full skincare sets for great gifts!

SaunaSpace Infrared Sauna (click to shop)
This is the ultimate gift! Think deep relaxation and an in-home spa experience for you and/or your loved ones.  We bought a sauna a few years ago. Between my husband and I, it gets used every day if not twice a day.  An infrared sauna is like having a personal spa escape in your home, where you can checkout and boost your health at the same time.  And unlike most infrared saunas, SaunaSpace ones also protect you from harmful EMF’s while you restore and relax.  

Our household sauna has been another essential tool for healing my Hashimotos, mold illness, and weight loss journey, and I continue to use one regularly to maintain the results I’ve achieved.

If an infrared sauna isn’t in your budget, check out their photon lights and their special health effects!


That wraps it up for my healthy holiday gift guide for 2021 so you can feel your best in 2022!

And remember when you question whether you should buy these things for yourself or someone else…

…your health is something you’ll have for the rest of your life, and in order to make the most out of the rest of your life, you need your health.

Happy Holidays, and make sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook for my 12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks series starting December 12th so you can feel great after the holidays instead of fat, tired and sick 😉




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