[My Rant] How many doctors does it take to get healthy?

I know someone who went to over 30 doctors and specialists before he finally started feeling better.  Funny thing though, not one of those doctors is the reason why he finally started getting better; his turning point was when he took his health into his own hands.  

He did his research, educated himself and got his hands on the right lab tests and resources to find the missing pieces to his health puzzle.

This is a perfect example of why I’m hosting the free webinar Why Typical Blood Tests Don’t Tell You Squat (and what tests to run instead)”  on January 16th at 5pm PT/8pm ET  Register for the webinar here.

I left the gym life as a personal trainer and general manager back in 2009 because I could see how diet and exercise alone were failing to help people achieve a better state of health.

I then got into Corporate Wellness because I thought I could have a bigger impact with employee populations using a broader approach. But over time I morally started to have a conflict with that, too.  We were preaching the standard government recommendations for food and health to people and they weren’t getting healthier.

I became (and still am) so sick and tired of people placing government regulated health standards and doctors on a pedestal-  taking their word as the word of God when it comes to health and watching it not work.

You are the one who holds all of the answers to your health in your body.

In 2013, I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and started working with people one-on-one so I could help them get their hands on the right lab tests and resources to find the missing pieces to their health so they could finally start feeling like themselves again (or for the first time ever).

I help my clients do 3 simple things that most health practitioners don’t:

  1. Understand what foods are right for their body so it can function at its optimal potential
  2. Uncover hidden healing opportunities within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy and nervous systems using functional lab testing
  3. Learn how to connect with their body at any given time so they can give it exactly what it needs to feel their best

None of this is rocket science. It’s simply getting back to the basic principles of health.

Most doctors or health practitioners are selling us solutions that are not in our best interest, but in theirs (because of the money they make off of the pharmaceuticals or solutions they sell).  You don’t make money off of recommending dietary changes, more sleep or reductions for stress, so why would they do that, right?

But I’m also tired of seeing people accept less than they deserve when it comes to their health and well being – accepting that “this is just the way it is” or the concept of getting old and therefore my health will naturally decline.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many clients I’ve worked with who were told to ignore their symptoms, that they were fine, or that nothing could be done or found when they obviously didn’t feel like themselves.

Many of these clients had no idea they had underlying hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, issues with digestion or infections. All they knew was that they felt tired all the time, had suddenly put on weight they couldn’t get rid of, felt like they were in a constant state of brain fog, were battling bouts of depression or mood swings, and overall just didn’t feel like themselves.  

One client came to me with thyroid antibody levels at 425- anything over 10 is when thyroid autoimmunity can be clinically diagnosed.  Her doctor just wanted to “keep an eye” on it and gave her zero recommendations on how to bring them down even though she was suffering with digestive issues, brain fog, weight gain, dry skin and mouth amongst other symptoms that correlated with Hashimoto’s.  After a few short weeks of implementing the lifestyle changes I suggested, her energy was up, she was thinking more clearly and bloat free.

Another client who came to me was only able to eat 6 foods.  Could you imagine living life only being able to eat 6 things???  After a battery of tests and doctors she still was left without an answer.  It wasn’t until we started working together and under my guidance did she finally get her doctors to run the right tests, she was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and within 6 weeks was eating up to 23 different foods.

Conventional doctors aren’t the only ones who are missing the mark.  I’ve seen plenty of clients who have previously worked with other health professionals who are falling short too.

One such client had been suffering for over a year with extreme fatigue.  She practically quit working and sought out a naturopathic doctor who treated her for adrenal dysfunction and food sensitivities but never checked her digestive or thyroid health even though her sister had a thyroid autoimmune condition.  To no avail, the treatments fell short.  She eventually landed with me and we ran the right tests.  Lo and behold, she had a plethora of gut bugs, her thyroid antibodies for autoimmunity were through the roof and she was living in a house with mold! After just 2 months, her thyroid antibodies were back down to healthy ranges.

It’s absolute BS how the media, certain health practitioners, marketing and so called “health” products companies have preyed on all of us after we have been beaten down, told we don’t know anything about our health or it’s “too complicated” for us to understand.

In this week’s video and blog I’m going to make figuring out what’s going on with your health so simple that a monkey could figure it out for you.

The reality is that your health is really simple.

When we focus on fulfilling our body’s basic needs with adequate food, sleep, exercise, the right nutrients and reducing stress, we can heal ourselves.

There is no such thing as “one thing” that is going to fix your health or get you back in touch with yourself. Having your best health and feeling like yourself requires work in multiple areas of your body and life.

However, we do need to take ownership in advocating for ourselves, in how we have treated our bodies, and in acknowledging what needs to change.

You can’t keep doing the same thing over again and expect a different result.

You don’t need to diet harder or exercise more. In fact in some cases you need to exercise less.  There is no magic pill or supplement that will “fix it all.”  

In two words, I can tell you want is wrong with your health:


Symptoms such as…

  • Headaches, fatigue or low energy
  • Gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea
  • Anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD or mood swings
  • Ovarian cysts, thyroid or hormone imbalances
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • Joint and/or muscle pain
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Acid reflux or GERD
  • Skin rashes, acne, eczema or psoriasis
  • Period pain, cramps, hot flashes and night sweats
  • Congestion, allergies, sinus issues
  • And restless sleep

All of these are symptoms of stress.  The stress has created some kind of metabolic chaos which leads to inflammation and dysfunction in the bodily systems which are then producing the symptom(s) you’re experiencing.

If you want to reverse the dysfunction, you simply need to do two things:

  1. Identify what is stressing the body and remove it
  2. Reduce inflammation

In order to see the big picture of stress, inflammation, and metabolic chaos that is occuring in the body, you need to run the right lab tests and/or they need to be interpreted from a functional viewpoint to help you connect all the dots.

For example, a high triglyceride ratio is a good marker for insulin resistance which points carbohydrates and sugars as being stress culprits.  Or another example is when certain red blood cell components are elevated, it’s a sign of intestinal parasites and these guys can cause all kinds of chaos and stress internally!

It’s time to put a stop to this confusion and to become educated about what your lab tests are really saying or to figure out the right labs to run so you can become your own advocate and take back control of your health.

Join me, January 16th at 5pm PT/8pm ET for a free webinar:

Why Typical Blood Tests Don’t Tell You Squat (and what tests to run instead).

In this webinar I’ll uncover these truths about lab tests as it relates to your health:

  • How blood and saliva tests don’t tell the full story about your hormones and what health secrets are hiding in your urine
  • What’s wrong with lab reference ranges, how they could be lying about your health and what optimal ranges look like
  • How markers on a comprehensive blood panel all give you clues about your gut health
  • Why you should be running functional (not conventional) lab tests to find the missing pieces to your health puzzle

Register for the webinar here.

You don’t have to see over 30 doctors or health practitioners to get to where you want to be.  It is possible for you to have better energy, mental clarity, clear skin, a flat stomach, to feel good in your body again and be in control of your health.  

Learn about the right lab tests and resources to give you the clues so you you need to find the missing pieces to your health puzzle so you can get back to feeling like yourself again (or for the first time!).

Join me, January 16th at 5pm PT/8pm ET for a free webinar:

Why Typical Blood Tests Don’t Tell You Squat (and what tests to run instead).

Register for the webinar here.

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