Oops! I Started a 90/10 Controversy!

Whoa!  I certainly didn’t mean to cause such controversy from last week’s email about the 90/10 rule being the new standard instead of 80/20 (if you missed the email you can check it out here).

I got a HUGE response from this.  Some good and some borderline freak outs.

I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, I was just calling it like it is.

For some reason or another our health tends to take a back seat all too often. And it’s way too easy to make excuses for it.

Life happens. There will always be something. So when do you draw the line in the sand and take a stand for yourself?

Trust me.  I didn’t get this either until about 5 years ago.  And even once I decided to take a stand for my health it was still an evolutionary journey that continues to evolve.

With all the response that I got, there was one common denominator amongst them all…

“The 90/10 rule would feel like I was stripping myself of any little pleasures left.”

Combined with…

My one glass of wine at night is my daily release

Cheese is one of my few joys in life

I’m a foodie

My cheat day is my reward for working out so hard all week

I’m afraid it would cut myself off from social activities and friends

If you share some of these fears and comforts then my one question to you is…

What really wants to be nourished?

In this week’s video I talk discuss how lack of nourishment in my own life made me feel deprived making me turn to food or booze, and how the 90/10 rule became more important to me.

It wasn’t very long ago that I was working 12 hour days, well over 40 hours a week and commuting in the direction of traffic for almost an hour each way-all on top of my personal and home responsibilities.

Life happened to me, too.  An immediate family member got deathly ill (and thankfully lived), another one started recovery, I bought a house, got married, traded one stressful job for another and so on.

Letting life be in control is what ran my health into the ground in the first place.

By the time my work week ended I was ready to let loose, booze it up and eat my way through the weekend.  I rationalized it because “technically” I was still abiding by the 80/20 rule.

But what did I really get out of all of that?  Fatigue, anxiety and fluctuating weight.

At some point it was like I hit rock bottom.  The crappy way that I was feeling wasn’t worth it anymore.  I became super mindful of what I was putting in my body, protective about my sleep and and even quit my stressful job.

Many of my clients go through the same thing.  Some have even changed jobs or moved to a new house to better support their health.

They evolved to put themselves first- that’s what the 90/10 rule is really all about.  

The biggest part of this change is figuring out what is lacking nourishment in your life, what are you tolerating that you shouldn’t be, and how can you start to put yourself first.

Do you hold onto certain foods or that glass of wine for comfort?  What can you do instead to get that same feeling?  Are you overworking because you would feel guilty otherwise?  Are you over-scheduling your life because you don’t feel worthy of putting yourself first?

These are some big questions to ask.  But the more I started asking myself these questions the more answers I found, the more I realized what my body really needed and I could make constructive health choices instead of destructive ones.

Next time you feel like reaching for the wine, glutenous treat or working overtime, stop and ask yourself “what really wants to be nourished within me right now?” or “is it really worth it?”

As a functional health coach I blend the power of science and transformational coaching methods to help people rewire their behaviors and beliefs to best support their ideal health and weight.

To find out more about making these kinds of shifts in your life, schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session with me here.

P.S.  And feel free to share this complimentary opportunity with any struggling, frustrated or health-minded friends and family members.  It’s my passion to help as many people as possible realize their true ideal health and weight!

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