Stomach Cancer Causing Bacteria (+New Gut Group Open!)

This is serious, there’s a 50% chance you have this and don’t even know it.

I’ve had it, the majority of my clients have had it, even my dog has it (currently working on getting rid of it!).  It’s exchanged through saliva, so if you’ve kissed anyone who has it, then you likely have it too.

It’s H. Pylori and studies show that it infects more than 50% of the population.

This opportunistic bacteria that can live in your gut has been linked to ulcers and stomach cancer.  It’s been studied extensively and has also been linked to…

  • Migraines
  • Heartburn
  • Mid-back pain
  • Rosacea
  • Food Allergies,
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • NSAID gastropathy (inflammation from NSAIDs use)
  • Gastric carcinoma (stomach cancer)
  • Lymphoma (cancer/tumors in the lymph system)

My main symptoms when I had it were migraines and mid-back pain.  Once I got rid of the H. Pylori they just simply disappeared and never came back.

The most classic symptom that I see with my clients is heartburn.  They constantly have acid reflux after eating and some even take antacids regularly.  Funny thing is though, heartburn or acid reflux is actually a sign of low stomach acid so medications just mask a much bigger problem.

And H. Pylori suppresses stomach acid even more.  Stomach acid helps to digest food and as we get older we naturally produce less of it.  No wonder heartburn happens then, right?  If you don’t have adequate amounts of stomach acids being produced, then food doesn’t get digested well enough and doesn’t sit well with you.

Most doctors will say that it’s “normal” to have H. Pylori in your gut, and to an extent they are right.  Everyone has a little bit of H. Pylori, even Candida and some other the other kinds of “bad” bacteria or pathogens found in the gut.

However, when bacteria like H. Pylori become overgrown that’s when it becomes a problem.

In this week’s video I talk more about how an H. Pylori overgrowth happens and what’s the right way to go about getting it back under control.

Any overgrowth of bacteria or yeast in the gut cause widespread inflammation in the body.  This inflammation then puts stress on the other systems of the body causing them to get off track, suppresses the immune system and ultimately results in all kinds of symptoms.

If you’re lucky enough to find a doctor who will acknowledge and treat a bacterial overgrowth like H. Pylori they typically want to prescribe an antibiotic for it, but treating it like this can cause it to come back with a vengeance.

In one of the functional tests I run to look for H. Pylori, you can also see what antibiotic it might be resistant to.  I can almost guarantee your doctor isn’t running a test like this.

Plus, when you take an antibiotic it doesn’t discriminate.  It knocks out all the good and bad bacteria, and you need the good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria in check.

(Not to mention that bacteria should be treated on a 60-Day cycle to kill all the adult growth and any younger growth.  Last time I checked the average antibiotic treatment was 3-10 days.

So how do you properly get rid of H. Pylori and keep it from coming back?

It requires a 3-prong approach…

  1. Cut off its food supply so that it struggles to keep growin
  2. Work on healing the gut, boosting good bacteria to keep it in check
  3. Apply some herbal supplements to eradicate it

Healing the gut is the most critical part of this approach.  The reason H. Pylori or its like-kind got out of control in the first place is because the gut was damaged, giving it an environment to thrive in.  So when you heal the gut, you keep it from coming back.

I’ve been H. Pylori free for 3 years now and I regularly test myself once a year, just like getting an annual physical, to make sure my health stays in tip top shape.

Because it can be so hard to get screened for these kinds of bacteria and gut invaders, I’ve created a new group program called GET YOUR GUT IN GEAR.

This program will give you the opportunity to take a deep dive look at your gut health using a simple functional at-home stool test.  This test will help you identify what might be going on in your gut and the healing opportunities.  From there, you’ll work with me as your guide in a small group (5-10 people) setting over the course of 3-4 months to get your gut back in gear and restore balance!

Enrollment for this program is open now and closes April 26th, and there are only 10 spots available.

If you’ve been dealing with unexplained health issues, are frustrated with constant bloating and digestive upset or just want to make sure you don’t have something like H. Pylori creating internal chaos, then this program is designed for you!

Get all the details about my Get Your Gut In Gear Group Program and sign up here!

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