Why I Do What I Do

When you get a physical, acute injury such as a cut what do you do?  You usually disinfect it and slap a bandage on it right?

What do you do when you’re not feeling well on the inside or you have a chronic health issue that just won’t go away?

Typically, you would go to the doctor and they would slap one of their band-aids on it such as a medication, antibiotic or surgical procedure.

Do you ever stop to think why?  How did this health situation come to be in the first place? Why is my body faltering in this way?

Think of it this way…if a part of your car just stopped working, wouldn’t you want to know why?  If a perfectly good car battery is failing, a good mechanic would look at the alternator and all the different connectors to find where the missing link is, to find what is causing the car not to start.  They wouldn’t just put a new battery in it and send you on your way.

We need to start looking at doctors like we do hiring other service-based professionals.  They are supposed to serve you and your needs.

Case in point…

When I was experiencing some hormonal and weight gain issues, I went to three different doctors looking for answers and this is what they said…

I’ve never seen anything like that before, let’s just wait on it
Are you sure you haven’t gained 10 pounds of muscle in the past 18 months?
You should use progesterone cream
I’m sorry but expect your PMS to get really bad when you get off the pill

I was not having any of that!  Talk about being a Debbie-downer, not a single resourceful or positive solution from any of them!

I initially felt discouraged and a little bit hopeless, until I turned within and decided I wasn’t going to settle for these helpless answers and feeling crappy.

More often than not, I have personally experienced or seen others experience more pain, discomfort and disappointment from the solutions that their doctor provided.  We’ve put doctors on a pedestal and put our own intuition about our bodies to the wayside.


In this week’s video and blog I talk more about how I refused to settle and kept searching for the right doctor that truly had my best interest at heart, and how I help others do the same so they can find real solutions and get back to feeling like themselves!

First of all, I wasn’t about to “wait” on what could be a potential, real health hazard just because my doctor had never seen it before.  That was absolutely absurd to me.

Second of all, if you’ve ever tried to gain muscle you know how hard it is-especially for women.  If I had truly gained 10 pounds of muscle on a 5’ 5” frame I would look like a bodybuilder, and I don’t.

Third of all, progesterone cream is the same thing as a Band-Aid.  How about let’s figure out the reason for low progesterone and fix it so that I don’t have to use cream forever.

And finally, WTH lady, thanks for the encouragement about getting off the pill and supporting me in my decision.

My story is just one of many that I’ve heard…

(Note: I’m not using real names to maintain privacy in the following stories)

Take my client Jane. A mid-forties women who used to be full of energy and loved running.  For some reason her energy began to tank- so much so that she couldn’t even pick herself up to run anymore.  Her doctor told her that her thyroid “stopped working”, that she’s in menopause and prescribed her medication.  And the result was… she felt worse!  More tired and fatigued than ever.

Menopause can be predicted based upon family history, her mother is about 60 and just started it.  Why didn’t her doctor put those pieces together?  In my eyes, Janet has a classic case of adrenal exhaustion from chronic stress that is robbing her estrogen and progesterone balance and a sluggish liver that can’t convert her thyroid hormone properly.

Then there was Cindy.  A mid-thirties women suffering from chronic constipation, bouts of diarrhea and stomach pain.  She’d been to the doctor over and over again with complaints, but was never diagnosed with anything or presented any real solutions.  After running a stool sample test with me, we found a plethora of goodies in her gut.  A parasite called Giardia, bacteria and yeast overgrowth.  After just a few weeks of supporting her digestion and eating the right foods for her body, she was pain free with regular bowel movements!

One more to paint the picture- Sara.  She was just feeling “off”, suspecting something with her hormones.  The doctor ran a thyroid panel, found nothing and sent her on her way.  She came to me, we ran a stool test and uncovered a nasty parasite that requires an antibiotic treatment.  She took the results to her doctor and he said he doesn’t think she has it because she hasn’t been out of the country in the past 5 years and doesn’t have diarrhea.  

Anyone who googled this parasite (E. Histo) would find common knowledge on the internet that 9 out of 10 people don’t present symptoms of having it and you can contract if from animals, food and feces among other things inside our own country.  Needless to say, I am helping her find a doctor who will work with us and prescribe the antibiotics.

These stories are disgraceful and absurd.  Don’t get me wrong, doctors definitely have value but we as patients/consumers need to be our own health advocates (aka BOSSES!) and stop settling for poor solutions.

If YOU know something isn’t right with your body chance are you ARE RIGHT about it.

This is why I do what I do.  My mission is to empower people in their health by giving them easy access to the RIGHT information, tools and resources they need to resolve their biggest health issues, to tap into their body’s information and heal their body naturally.

Do you have a story like this, or are you feeling disappointed by the traditional medical approach?  Hit reply and let me know or share it on my Facebook Page so that together we can start the change for you and many others to come!

P.S.  I’m here to advocate for you and teach you how to be your own Health Boss!  Schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session here so we can get to the bottom of what’s bothering you in your health.  One conversation could change your life.

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