2021 Health Tip Highlights

Wow.  Can you believe how fast 2021 has come and gone? 

So much has happened in the world of health in 2021…

The pandemic continued…
Causing us to examine our personal health status even more…
And to take responsibility for our health like never before…

But we have yet to discuss how we got to a pandemic in the first place. As we work to reverse the current situation, it’s also important to explore what led to it so we can reduce the risk of another one in the future.  

Some of the most common correlations for risk factors and the spread have been:

  • Pre-existing chronic diseases, such as Diabetes
  • High blood glucose (sugar) levels
  • Low Vitamin D levels

All of which are preventable, reversible, or managed better with a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.

On average, it takes almost 18 years for this type of new information to hit your doctor’s desk; so more and more people are turning away from conventional medicine due to outdated solutions and seeking more personalized care from functional and holistic health-minded professionals like myself.

As I’ve been saying since this pandemic hit, most people need to experience a catastrophic event (i.e. a health scare) to realize they need to do something about their health, and the majority of these past two years have been a global catastrophic event. 

Life gives us exactly what we need when we need it, we just have to be open to receiving it.

This year forced a LOT of change.  It forced us to change the way we look at the world, the way we look at our health, and what we prioritize in our lives.

What has been important to you?

While re-evaluating my priorities, it seems the past two years have been calling us to:

  • Slow down
  • Let go of being busy
  • Look inward instead of out
  • Be with yourself and those closest to you
  • Practice patience and hold space for health
  • Take time to create and contemplate what is really important

Interestingly, these are also basic practices that help you to build and maintain your health, and they have been pivotal parts of my health journey that helped me reverse Hashimotos, balance my hormones, restore my energy, and get back to my ideal body. 

As the (W)holistic Health Boss, my mission is to help keep you up to speed on the latest information, tips, tools, and resources so you can find the missing pieces to your health puzzle and feel like yourself again (or for the very first time).

This year, I’ve written over 40 blogs and hundreds of social media posts to educate and empower you about the right lab tests and resources you need to feel like your best self again (or for the very first time).

But if you’re anything like me, then life has surely been busy and maybe you’ve missed a few of the important things I had to share with you.

So to close out 2021, I’ve compiled the top tips and pieces of information I shared this year, in hopes that these will give you the insights you need to kick off 2022 with a healthy bang!

Even if you read them the first time, read them again. A new golden nugget of information just might jump out at you!

As you reflect on the year, take a moment to envision what you want for yourself and your health in 2022.

Do you want more energy?

To feel great in your body again?

To finally put your digestive issues, anxiety, or crappy nights of sleep to rest?

All so you can feel healthy, strong, free, and limitless; to be adventurous and live life to the fullest every day?

If so, then 2022 is your year.

Since I currently have a waiting list due to the number of people seeking personalized health solutions, I’ve compiled a list of my top colleagues to help you improve your health this coming year.

These colleagues are trained in the same functional health methods as me and have trained under me so I’m confident they can help you achieve your ideal health and weight in 2022.  They are the trusted hands I send my loved ones to.  

If you’re ready to take back control of your health and feel like your best self, click here to access my list of trusted colleagues and schedule a consult to explore the possibilities. 

And enjoy these top health tips from 2021!


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Wishing you a new year full of peace, balance, and more joy!




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