Eat freely and feel great…

Food used to basically rule my life in so many ways, but it doesn’t anymore and I want to fill you in on my secret as to why, so you can find your food freedom too.

First, let me rewind for a minute and tell you where this all started…

In 2001, I went off to college to pursue a career in Sport Psychology.  About halfway through my undergraduate I decided the Athletic Trainer to Sport Psychology route wasn’t for me, so I changed my major to an emphasis in fitness nutrition, and I landed my first job as a personal trainer right after graduating.

All throughout college, everything I learned about health centered around diet and exercise.  And even to this day, the old paradigm of calories-in versus calories-out is still considered the equation for weight loss and good health.

I was also taught how eating small meals every two hours fueled the body and fat loss, and how many servings of each food group should be consumed based on government-recommended guidelines (aka the food-guide pyramid now known as My Plate).

So as a personal trainer straight out of college, of course, I thought I knew all there was to know about diet, exercise, weight loss, and health, and I followed what I had been taught.

And all of a sudden food became the boss of me.

I planned my personal training client schedule around having to eat every two hours, not just because I thought it was what I was supposed to be doing but also because I found myself hungry every two hours.  If I didn’t eat on time, I would become hangry.

As a result, my whole life started to revolve around food preparation.  I spent hours going to the grocery store, cooking meals for the week, and portioning out my meals and snacks for the week on Sundays.  I basically would devote almost half the weekend to food prep.

It was exhausting, monotonous, and time-consuming, to say the least.

Fast forward to now…

I can go hours without feeling hungry or thinking about food while feeling completely satisfied and energized.

About once a quarter I even do a 72-hour fast to give my digestive system a break and uplevel my health.

Yes, you read that right, I go 3 days without eating about once every 3 months.  Food is no longer the boss of me and I have the ultimate food freedom!

Would you like to be totally free around food like this too?

I get it though. Choosing what is best to eat and when to eat can be confusing and overwhelming.

The thing is…you are unique and therefore your food needs will be unique too.

As someone who works with busy, health-minded professionals helping them find the missing pieces of their health puzzle so they can feel like their best selves, I know that getting the right information on nutrition and creating an easy-to-follow system that works for YOU can feel like a hopeless quest.

That’s why I was thrilled when Lara interviewed me for her upcoming Food Freedom Summit. Born out of her desire to help everyone break free from diets, honor their bodies and reverse health issues, this summit is going to help you get the information and guidance you need to take your first steps in the right direction and find your food freedom.

The FOOD FREEDOM SUMMIT: How to be truly free in your food choices, get the amazing body you want, and live the life you deserve!

Claim your free access here!

The whole intention behind the Food Freedom Summit is to create a safe haven where you will get real information and actionable steps to finally make the change you need and deeply deserve for your life.

Lara, the other experts, and I will support you and share our expertise, advice, and best tips to make your journey to food freedom a breeze!

This is perfect for YOU if you want to reshape your relationship with food once and for all!

This is perfect for YOU if you want to know exactly where to start! No more confusion!

This is perfect for YOU if you want to take care of your body in a loving way!

Claim your free access here!

I’ll see you there!

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