Easily enroll clients without selling

The definition of a business is “the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.”

In order to say you have a functional health business, you have to sell your services and/or products.

However, if you’re like me or the majority of other functional health entrepreneurs out there, you likely didn’t get into doing what you’re doing because you wanted to work in sales.  You’re a functional health practitioner because you want to help people feel better.

And at the same time, you need to make a living so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in the same way you encourage your clients to.

However, wanting to help people but lacking the confidence or skills to sell your services can be paralyzing.

What you don’t know is that it’s easy to enroll clients without having to “sell.”  

You can make a very healthy living doing what you love, helping hundreds of thousands of people heal while working less and taking better care of yourself. 

Your most powerful marketing tool is at your fingertips and it doesn’t cost a thing. Packaging and pricing yourself right will boost your enrollment confidence, and consistency produces steady results. 

I didn’t realize these things right away either.  

It took one failed attempt after another, many uncomfortable enrollment calls, and a lot of grinding away for me to finally figure out how to easily enroll clients without “selling.”

It’s easy to get swept away and overwhelmed with all of the things you think you should be doing to find and enroll clients:

  • Working on your website
  • Spending time on social media
  • Figuring out Facebook Ads
  • Watching every online summit, webinar, or training offered

But contrary to what you might think or to others say, you don’t need a fancy website, Facebook Ads, social media, or any bright and shiny tools to find and enroll clients.

Struggling to find or enroll clients is a symptom of limiting beliefs, lack of self-worth, or being out of integrity with your story. 

Been there, done that, and now I want to show you how to do it differently.

In this video and blog, I share my three C’s to finding and enrolling clients that will boost your confidence and make hitting your enrollment goals easy!

Whether you’ve been putting yourself out there and struggling to get clients, or haven’t started at all, these three C’s are the key to finding and enrolling clients in a way that feels not only easy, but also fun and not salesy at all!

Imagine if the most perfect clients were reaching out to you and knocking at your practice door asking for your help.  They show up for their appointments, do the work, get incredible results, and tell everyone they know about you leading to a list of endless referrals.

As an added bonus, all of this inspires you to share your special gifts with the world making social media, blogging, or content creation something you actually enjoy doing!

All of this is possible when you are in alignment with your story and the value you bring to the table. 

And all you need to do to get there is apply The 3 C’s to Find & Enroll Clients:

  1. Share a CLEAR core marketing message
  2. Offer CONCISE packages with confidence
  3. Be CONSISTENT and persistent

Let’s break this down into tangible tools you can use right now…

#1 – Share a CLEAR core marketing message
Your story is your most valuable marketing tool, right at your fingertips, and it doesn’t cost you a thing.  

It is also the backbone of your core marketing message.  Within your own health journey story, you will find the attributes of your ideal client; who they are, what they struggle with, what solutions they want, and where they spend their time so you know what to say in your marketing and where to funnel your marketing efforts.

Your journey has perfectly prepared you to help the people you are meant to help.  

So instead of spending endless hours researching science facts and topics, simply start sharing pieces of your story to easily attract your clients.

The basic formula to write a blog or social media post using your story goes something like this…

I’ll never forget when (insert struggle moment)
Then I figured out how to (insert solution)
And now I feel/have (insert what they want, i.e. energy, weight loss, etc.)
If you want to feel/have (what they want) too, then click here/comment/reply to (insert call to action to engage, i.e. schedule a discovery call, read the rest of the blog, drop an emoji)

People want to engage with real people and your story shows them that.  If you are sharing content you THINK you should be sharing instead of what comes natural to you, you’ll be out of alignment, it will feel hard, and you won’t get any bites.

#2 – Offer CONCISE packages with confidence
Once you’re sharing a clear core marketing message, the next step to easily enroll clients is making sure you’re presenting concise packages with confidence. 

If your packages aren’t easy to understand or you lack confidence when presenting them, it will almost instantly repel a potential client.  

Remember, these people are coming to you overwhelmed, with brain fog, and needing an expert to show them the way.

When you establish yourself as the expert and deliver your packages in a way that is easy-to-understand, you will instantly build the trust and rapport needed for someone to invest in themselves and you.

#3 – Be CONSISTENT and persistent
Just when you think no one is watching or listening, they are.  Health is one of, if not the most, vulnerable topic for someone to engage in, especially when they have been dismissed in the past like so many of our clients have been.

A person needs to feel safe, secure, and heard in order to trust you with their health.  

Being consistent and persistent in your marketing is how you can build a relationship and trust with them over time, so that when they are ready, willing, and able to change their health, you’re the person they will turn to.

According to my business reports, someone is on my email list for an average of 6 months before they become a client.  

During that time, I’m consistent with sending them a weekly newsletter containing valuable tips, tools, resources, and inspiration to cultivate enough trust for them to feel good about scheduling a consultation with me to talk about their deepest health challenges, fears, and desires.

Many clients have also confessed to following me on social media for months or even years before getting on my email list or scheduling a consultation.

Consistency is key all around. 

Everything I do in my business comes back to these three C’s.  They can be applied anywhere you’re trying to market yourself or to any type of program you’re trying to offer.

If I had to pick one that was most important, it would be C number one, sharing a CLEAR core marketing message, because it creates the foundation for everything else.

To help you share a clear core marketing message so you can get your business going or growing, click here to get my Story & Purpose Worksheet!



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