Weight and mood shifts [after turning 40]

Have you blamed your mood or a loved one’s mood on hormones more than once this week?

It sounds like a good reason to be moody, I know. But it doesn’t really solve anything.

Here’s the thing: women of all ages struggle with their hormones.

I’ve had my fair share of struggles that I’ve overcome. Now I’m thinking about how I can gracefully get through the next stages of hormonal shifts as I quickly approach the age of 40.

In our 20s, hormones contribute to acne, infertility, or wicked cramps. In our 30s, digestive issues and brain fog. In our 40s, 50s and beyond, mood swings, insomnia, and weight gain.

Hormone imbalances not only affect women but also their loved ones who watch them go through the ups and downs, no matter which decade we’re in.

But help is on its way.

If this subject piqued your interest, I’ve got two events you DON’T WANT TO MISS…

Event #1
Topic: Weight & Mood Shifts After Turning 40
When: Friday, June 25th at 10 am PT / 1 pm EST
Where: Clubhouse app – click here to add it to your calendar and join

Event #2
Last week I told you about The Hormone Project – 6 days to hormone balance with my great friend, Dr. Shawn Tassone. It’s about to start and I do not want you to miss this because he has solutions waiting for you.

The Hormone Project Event is running over 6 days from June 27 – July 2

Shawn is considered America’s Holistic Gynecologist. He developed The Hormone Project for women to have access to straightforward, easy-action information and tools, to finally get your hormones to play the game FOR you instead of against you!

This is 6 days with 6 easy pathways to discover how to balance your hormones with ease and clarity. After seeing over 40,000 patients, Dr. T knows hormones like no other and has done all the hard work for you.

When you register you can also claim your very own copy of ‘How to Eat For Your Hormones’ because he really does have all bases covered.

Click here to register for the event and unlock the secrets to achieving whole-body health, no matter what stage of life you’re in!

If you are suffering from:

  • Mood swings, weight gain, low libido, brain fog, or fatigue
  • Have been diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, or Adenomyosis
  • Feel like Perimenopause has hit you like a sledgehammer
  • Are worried about Menopause, aging, and everything going south…
  • Have a family history of hormone problems
  • Lost the keys again today and are starting to accept you’re losing your mind
  • Or you just know your hormones are off…

You can finally stop googling for answers and join Dr. T and me June 27th- July 2nd for The Hormone Project completely FREE!

Not only is Dr. T’s unique approach a true reflection of his thousands of patient encounters, but he also combines his Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, allowing him to integrate all aspects of health – mind, body, and soul to provide simple tools you need to really reclaim your body.

He really is a gem of a gentleman who is out to help women live their best life in sync with their hormones.

Click here to join me at The Hormone Project event and receive direct access to the information nobody is talking about – how to take your power back by optimizing your hormones for optimal mind and body function.

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