Stop comparing and start doing [now]

When I started my health coaching practice, I thought I needed to do what everyone else was doing…

…I needed Facebook ads
…I needed a fancy website
…I needed a big email list
…I needed to launch a summit
…I needed a group program
…I needed to do Facebook lives, Instagram and be on every social media site! 

It was overwhelming to think I needed all of these things, and this stopped me in my tracks.  I was constantly comparing myself to others instead of taking action and doing my business.  

This is what I call comparison-paralysis.

The state of feeling paralyzed as a result of constantly comparing oneself to others thus creating a sense of overwhelm.

Have you been here too?

Comparison-paralysis kept me from putting myself out there.  Instead of getting my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® certificate and hitting the ground running to help people, I kept dragging my feet – – not just for a few months, but actually a couple of years. 

I kept comparing myself to others and convincing myself it was too much work, or that I didn’t have what it took to be a successful functional health professional. 

Eventually, I figured out how to overcome comparison-paralysis and created a wildly successful health coaching business, and here are the 3 steps I took to do it…

Step 1 – Ditch the Distractions
When your inboxes, Facebook, and Instagram are full of others’ success it’s hard to focus on your own.  In order to focus on my own business, I unsubscribed from emails or silenced social media people and posts that triggered comparison-paralysis and overwhelm.  This cleared a space for me to really focus.

Step 2 – Set YOUR Success Goals
Success looks different for everyone, yet failure is always defined the same way.  Failure is when one doesn’t reach their goals and ambitions. If you are defining your own success and taking action, the only outcome is success!  Your definition of success could be as simple as getting one new client per month, starting a monthly newsletter, or posting on social media three times per week to help you cultivate new clients. Success is NOT what others are doing that you think you should be doing too.

To overcome the overwhelm I threw out everyone else’s success metrics and made my own.

Step 3 – Sharing Authentically
Trying to replicate what others were doing or creating content that I thought people wanted was dreadful and exhausting.  When I stopped comparing myself to others and started sharing authentically, the clients started rolling in and it felt effortless.  Tapping into my authentic story made it easy to create blogs, newsletters, and social media posts that piqued people’s interest in the services I had to offer.

With these 3 steps, I quickly moved from comparison-paralysis to making progress!

I finally had the clarity to develop my niche, services, and an action plan around my definition of success that led me to creating a 6-figure coaching practice, while working less and healing hundreds of people. 

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