Practitioners Business Essentials


Without feeling overwhelmed with all that technology mumbo-jumbo.  
It’s time to ditch the distractions, focus on the essentials and get down to business.

Invest $729 in yourself and your business. It’s worth it!


Here’s what I know from starting my own business and mentoring other FDN’s in getting their businesses off the ground or refining their approach…

You only needed 3 things to build your clientele and a 6-figure business…
  1. An understanding of what makes you unique as an FDN Practitioner
  2. How to use your unique approach to attract the right clients and provide the solutions they are looking for
  3. And 2-3 one-on-one coaching program options to meet your client’s needs and your monthly financial goals
You’ve likely been spinning your wheels in overwhelm focusing on…
  • Setting up a website with all the bells and whistles
  • Trying to figure out how the ‘F to do Facebook or other advertising
  • Creating a social media presence, podcast, YouTube channel, (insert other)
  • Signing up for every summit, webinar, podcast, course etc. pertaining to lab testing, supplements, conditions, business and marketing skills instead of just getting down to business

All you’re really doing is wasting time and putting off working on your business because you just don’t know where to start or how to rewind and redo what you’ve already created.

All you really want is…
  • A simplified road map to building your client base, packages and making money that doesn’t require a lot of effort or technology
  • Turn-key materials and scripts to help you get organized and have confidence in your coaching sessions
  • To create powerful coaching programs that positively impacts people’s health without draining your energy or your time

Sure, one day having a fancy website, a big social media presence, running group programs and Facebook Ads might be part of what you do (or maybe they are now), but every business needs a foundation to stand on, and there are key essential elements to create that foundation.

  1. You have to be clear on who your ideal client and audience is
  2. You need to know what problems you solve and what solutions you provide
  3. You need to have something to sell potential clients that meets their unique needs
  4. You have to build rapport and deliver exceptional customer service to retain clients and receive referrals or testimonials so your business can grow

That’s it! This is all you need to build a business, make tons of money and still have a life that you dream of!

What I believe…
  • If you share your story and are personable you will attract the right clients for you
  • You don’t have to work 40 + hrs per week to make 6-figures or more
  • In freedom- what’s the point in owning your own business if it’s running you and your health into the ground?
  • That building rapport and providing stellar customer service is selling without having to sell and will keep the referral train rolling
This is why I created the Practitioners’ Business Essentials Program.

Because I’ve been in the thick of the overwhelm and had to prioritize what actions would get me the most results for my time invested to get my business off the ground. Because I’ve tried and tested a lot of different approaches and packages to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Because I invested in all of the programs, became overloaded with too many things to focus on and had to pick out the most important parts to make back what I invested.

And because I finally figured out that I had to let go of what everyone was telling me I should be doing (or the voice in my head that was comparing myself to what others were doing), and that’s when I finally figured out what I really needed to do to create the confidence and structure in my business to deliver powerful coaching programs while creating the freedom in my business that I longed for.

I’ve been there and done all of that so you don’t have to.

In the Practitioners’ Business Essentials course I carefully hand-picked and packaged up the actions I took that gave me the biggest bang-for-my-buck in regards to my time and effort in order to build my client base and get my business off the ground.



Invest $729 in yourself and your business. It’s worth it!


What took me months or years to learn, you can now learn in a matter of 4 weeks!


Module 1

In this module you will gain an understanding of what makes you unique as an FDN in a non-traditional approach to discovering your niche as you connect with your own personal story. As FDN‘s “we don’t treat anything specifically, we treat everything non-specifically” as Reed says, making it hard to zero in on a specific condition or demographic sometimes as a niche. The traditional approach to niching usually leaves us feeling as though we are leaving someone out or cutting ourselves off from potential clients.  You’ll learn how to use your unique experience and areas of expertise to capture the ideal clients you want and you will define exactly how you help them in 3-5 phrases that communicate the value of your work clearly.

Module 2

One of the essential keys to having a business is having something to sell.  In this module you will get crystal clear on what your service offerings or coaching packages should look like based upon what makes you unique as a FDN, what problems you solve and solutions you provide for your clients.  You will create 2-3 packages offerings with price ranges that meet your monthly financial needs as well as your ideal client’s budget.

Module 3

Now you know the value of what you bring to the table and you have something to sell. It’s time to start selling!  In this module you’ll figure out where to find your ideal clients and where you should funnel your marketing efforts based on who they are and where they spend their time looking for information.  Social media isn’t for everyone but neither are in-person lectures, let’s see what fits your unique approach and ideal client best so you aren’t spinning your wheels and wasting your time.  You’ll also get an inside look at how to conduct a high value consultation that results in the potential client asking you how they can enroll instead of you having to ask them, making the money topic a non-issue!

Module 4

Great, now you have clients but what the ‘F do you do next?  In this module you’ll learn to streamline your client onboarding process. You’ll receive done-for-you handouts and scripts so you know what to actually say when you’re in a coaching session, and learn how to overcome self-sabotaging objections with key phrases that create powerful realizations.  You’ll also receive best practices on how to organize your time and how to prioritize your business aspects for you to deliver high quality customer service that sells for you with referrals while making time to work on expanding your business and marketing reach.



Absolute, hands down a no brainer! It’s literally worth every single penny, in fact, I’d pay double. No joke. Jenn has put together such a top-notch program to launch my business that I will forever be grateful for. It’s genius!”
– Stephanie J.


“I find that working with Jenn helps me to address specific actions I need to be taking. Working on 3 goals at a time time, getting reassurance that I’m on the right track and positive reinforcement is exactly what I needed. The templates are very helpful too, and take some of the panic away!” – Wynne H.

I really appreciated learning about how to market packages instead of just single labs every time and how to structure your coaching sessions along with each package. I feel like I have a good grasp on the business side of things and how to sign someone up to work with me from a complimentary discovery session.”- Angelique L.


Before participating in the Business Essentials program, I was lost in the ether of how best to offer my services and structure my packages. Jenn taught me a consolidated approach to best serve my clients in and outside of coaching sessions. The level of support offered by Jenn and the rest of her coaching students has given me the confidence to be firm in my business and the specificity of content and practical exercises have made the difference” – John P.

“Being pulled in many directions and having to do this alone was the most frustrating part of starting my functional health coaching business. In the brief time that we worked together, you were a TREMENDOUS help! Your pricing/packages really got me “unstuck” and you also helped me lay out the process to work with clients in an organized way” – Vincine F.

This program is perfect for you if …
  • You’re a current FDN trainee or recent graduate who doesn’t want to re-invent the wheel and wants a roadmap to success
  • You’re an FDN alumnie who wants to refine their business strategy and approach
  • You want a business mentor and program that understands the FDN model
  • You want to make being an FDN a career that will last a lifetime
  • You want to be prosperous, authentic in your work and create freedom in your life
This program is NOT for you if…
  • You want help with the logistics of building your business or the technology behind it
  • You don’t want to actually have to take action
  • You want to just pay someone to do it for you



Invest $729 in yourself and your business. It’s worth it!


Building a business is a journey, just like the road to health. It doesn’t happen over night, but it is possible.

I’ve been in practice for over 4 years now. At one point I went from 19 to 36 clients in 2 months and on average I’m working with 30 clients at a time. Needless to say my practice is full. My revenue has increased by 30% or more year-over-year. I work 40 hours a week or less, on average take 64 days of vacation a year and 10 trips.

I’ve accomplished all of this by doing the things I’m going to teach you in the Practitioners’ Business Essentials Course.



Invest $729 in yourself and your business. It’s worth it!


Is There A Guarantee?

The Practitioners’ Business Essentials is a non-refundable investment in getting clear and growing your confidence in your business so you can deliver powerful coaching programs.  It’s an invitation to listen, learn, grow and transform your business. I thought long and hard about whether or not to offer a “5-day money-back guarantee” or some other sort of refund policy.

It didn’t feel right to offer one, but in the online learning world, it’s all but unexpected.  I asked a lot of questions about this and finally recognized it as an opportunity to provide a conscious teaching – right here in your decision-making process.

When you’re all in, you’re all in.  This experience will most likely challenge you.  It will stir up resistance around your business.  It will flow through phases of excitement, fear, clarity and difficulty.  Often the biggest breakthroughs come just after the greatest resistance.  By denying you an escape route when things get tough, I hope to encourage you to work through the tough spots.

I’m inviting you to be an active co-creator in this experience, to trust the process and commit yourself to growing your business. I want to support you to this world of entrepreneurship that is full of adventurers, and I know the warmest welcomes come when you show up fully, right from day one, knowing this is where you want to be (even if it feels scary and like a big change).Apple Pose





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