My Story

My Story

Hi, I’m Jenn Malecha, the Wholistic Health Boss.  I wasn’t always this health conscious. I grew up playing sports, but I was the kid who struggled to run the mile during those stupid PE tests and dreaded spring training sessions for high school basketball.  I used to eat the most unhealthy foods in high school, college and throughout my 20’s…just to name a few of my old favorites: frozen taquitos and burritos (my favorite after-school snack), frozen yogurt (of course piled high with candy toppings), and pazookie from BJ’s.

Looking back, I can honestly say my entire life has been a journey in the pursuit of health. I believe this is probably true for all of us, but the journey for some can be a struggle to survive and for others is a drive to thrive. I used to be stuck in survival mode and now I can say that I’m thriving. I’ll be the first to admit it’s been a work in progress. The struggles and success with my own health have been an evolution. I used to suffer from allergies, weight gain, hormone imbalances and energy deficits. But I have learned to take back my personal power find to my optimal health and as a result, I have developed a passion to help others do the same.

I pursued a degree in fitness, nutrition, and health because I thought I wanted to be a sports psychologist but learning about the body sparked my passion for fitness and health. In 2005 with my degree in hand I set out to be a personal trainer and I thought I knew all there was to know about health and fitness. I was ready to go! When I got my start as a personal trainer I tried just about every diet out there on my clients, or myself, and the one thing I noticed was that nothing would stick. I began to recognize that the calories–in-versus-calories-out game wasn’t working. It left me and my clients frustrated, and I began searching for a different approach.

Then came my diagnosis of skin cancer at the young age of 26 and my mom’s near-death experience from liver cirrhosis that made taking care of my health no joke.

I had an undeniable urge to get to the bottom of my own health issues and use my knowledge to help others. From the outside, I looked like your typical healthy person; eating right, working out, muscular etc.  Even on paper I looked good: normal cholesterol, heart rate, and blood pressure levels. But skin cancer was a red light that something was wrong, plus my allergies were getting worse, and I was having more instances of aches, pains, and migraines. Not long after my diagnosis, I began my health-coaching journey by becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner.  I was inspired to enroll in this program to help all my personal training clients who were struggling with weight loss even though they were eating right and working out (I knew there had to be something more stopping them from getting results) and to help myself improve my health. Through this program, I learned a whole new way of looking at disease and health, from a functional and causal level.

When I started digging deeper I found A LOT of cellular damage, hormone imbalances, and gut dysfunction…

 …in myself and my clients. It was like finding the mythical fountain of youth!!!

So I set out on my true health journey.  It’s more about just working out and eating right “most” of the time.  It’s been a lifestyle shift.  I workout in a way that’s best for me, I put the right kinds of foods in my body, I’ve minimized toxins in my environment (and continue to do so), I take time for myself, and I’ve been working on healing my gut.

This journey has been hard at times, inspiring at times, and above all educational when it comes to learning about what my body needs.

Now as an FDN Practitioner I run all kinds of simple, at-home lab tests for my clients so we can take a deeper look at their health to figure out what’s holding them back from living their fullest life with their ideal health and weight. The biggest lesson I teach my clients is that “your health is a journey that will change direction as you learn more and you will evolve with it, so don’t get frustrated just hold space for patience and the potential for change.” 

What you once thought was healthy might look different once you understand your body better.

You, too, can live a healthier lifestyle- the one you’ve always dreamed of, filled with gratitude, empowerment, and joy. And I am so excited to be your guide on this wonderful journey of discovery.

If you’re tired of being tired all the time, don’t feel like yourself in your own skin and suspect that something just isn’t right with your body but can’t find the right doctor or practitioner who meets all your needs, then I’m here to help!  I’d love to chat more and see how I can support and empower you to become your own Health Boss!