Documentary reveals surprising truths about health

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know we have an epidemic of autoimmune and other chronic diseases, particularly in the Western world.

And it’s highly likely that you are suffering from this epidemic personally or at least know someone who is.

It upsets me to say this but devastating health issues have become so common, that most people have accepted them as “normal.”

The long list of symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions and chronic disease is alarming and can cause anyone who’s dealing with them to feel alone, anxious, and helpless.

If you can relate to this personally, or know someone who can, I want you to know something…

… you are not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve been there.  I have come back from an autoimmune condition, chronic fatigue and other health issues, and I can tell you from personal experience it doesn’t have to be this way.

Aside from my own healing journey as proof, there are several populations around the world where people are virtually free of autoimmune and chronic health issues.

There are areas where people not only live well into their 90s and even 100s but they do so with exceptional health, vitality and energy.

Imagine if you could travel to these places and learn from these extraordinary people who have in some ways found the fountain of youth. Imagine if you could then discuss their lives with the top experts in the health and wellness world.

Imagine the insight you could gain from these discussions.

You would learn the fundamental lifestyle factors that allow these healthy people to be free from disease, the same principles I have adopted into my own life to reverse Hashimotos, restore hormone balance, lose weight and get my energy back.

You too would learn how to apply this ancient wisdom to your modern life.

A life free from the symptoms that hold so many people back from having the energy and happiness they deserve.

If you’re like me, the thought of this probably brings you great excitement.

That’s why in this week’s video and blog, I’m so thrilled to tell you about my friend, Jason Prall and his amazing project!

Jason and his film crew, traveled the world to research and intimately understand the solutions that allow certain people to live very long, healthy and happy lives.

And now he’s inviting you to experience this remarkable journey, to learn from the healthiest and brightest minds in the world, in a first-of-its-kind, 9-part documentary series – FOR FREE!

Watch The Trailer Here.

In this documentary, you’ll visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, speak to the vibrant and spirited people who live there and be moved and inspired by their stories.  It’s breathtaking.

Then you’ll sit in on Jason’s private meetings with the world’s leading health experts, authors, doctors, and healers.

You’ll be there as they discuss the fundamental principles that afford these people such wonderful, healthy lives – the same principles I have adopted into my own life to reverse Hashimotos, restore hormone balance, lose weight and get my energy back.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of how you can implement their knowledge into your own life to get incredible results too!

Jason told me this is the last time this series will ever be released for free… so please don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Reserve Your FREE Access Pass Here.

(and please share this with people you care about).

Here’s a breakdown of the 9 episodes (each one begins at 6:00 PM Eastern Time and stays live for FREE for 24 hours from June 19th – 27th):

  1. The Truth About Aging: Can It Be Slowed or Even Reversed?
  2. The Gut and Immune System’s Role in Disease and Early Aging.
  3. The Surprising Way Healthy Populations Think About Diet and Exercise.
  4. Toxic Planet! How To Be Healthy In A Sick World
  5. Sleep, Light & Disease! Where The Western World Went Wrong And How To Fix It.
  6. Raising Healthy Kids! Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
  7. Purpose, Gratitude, and Community: What All Healthy Societies Know That We Don’t
  8. The Real Reason These Healthy Populations Don’t Get Chronic Disease or Cancer
  9. Bonus: Combining Ancient Wisdom With Modern Technology

I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!

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