I went live yesterday…

I’ve basically been a high performer right out of the womb.

When I was in kindergarten, I remember getting mad at my teacher for writing my name on my paper because I knew how to write my name already when the rest of the class didn’t.

I was student body president in 6th grade.  I took advanced classes in elementary, middle and high school while playing varsity sports and graduating with straight A’s.

In college I juggled a full time class schedule, internship, social life and part time job – I was “doing it all.”

And I’ve always excelled in every job I’ve had, climbing the management and career ladder quicker than most of my peers on top of throwing some of the best social gatherings and taking care of a sick mother.

Can you relate?

Now that I know what I know now about health, and how “doing it all” is what drove my hormones, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy and nervous system into the ground, I would certainly go back and do things a little differently.

It’s easy to get caught up in this fast pace millennial world pursuing success and peak performance while sacrificing your health.  It almost seems expected in order to make something of yourself.

But I’m here to tell you, there is a way to have it all without sacrificing your health completely, and yesterday I went live on the Driven Millennial Summit with Mia Christina Sarno to give you tips about how you can do life differently so you can perform and preserve your health at the same time.

And you’re in luck, you can still catch my live interview for the next 24 hours!

Let me introduce you to the passionate powerhouse, Mia Christina Sarno, who is driven to change the way millennials, and those of us impacted by the millennial age, prioritize our health.

She started Firewave Wellness, a digital platform for healing, vitality, and holistic health and I totally resonate with the movement… she’s supporting people around the world in decreasing stressful habits and transforming their mindset around health to make being productive (while maintaining health) easier.

You see, Mia also experience burnout, just like I did, as a result of trying to “do it all” – getting good grades, climbing the career ladder, being strong for others and striving for the ideal body.

We both recognize how the mode of the millennial age can drive people like you and me into health catastrophes.

This summer, Mia and I collaborated to provide you with super fast and simple tips to help you keep your health at the forefront while pursuing success in your career and peak performance in your life.

As you know, I want to support you and provide valuable insight whenever I can.

Mia has started a new show, The Driven Millennial: Fast and Easy Tips for Peak Performance without Burn Out, where I and other health experts get to share our stories and passion for health in a unique format that will encourage your heart and leave you with real TOOLS FOR HEALTH.

So let me ask you…

Do you want to go down the same road Mia and I did, or would you like to take a shortcut to the successful healthier super highway?

Or would you like to re-route yourself in that direction and reverse the health issues you might already be facing?

And what would it be worth for you to get better performance in your career, family, life? Even 1 take-away can change the way you perceive health. It’s that easy.

You can get access to the Fast and Easy Tips for Peak Performance Without Burnout show here

You can do all the diet and exercising in the world, but if you’re still operating from a millennial state of mind, as we all are guilty of doing sometimes, then getting results and improving your health will be harder than you’d like.

Just hit the easy button and listen to the tips that Mia and I have collaborated on for you 🙂


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