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Your Gut: The Secret to Healing Your

Adrenal and Thyroid Issues

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Adrenal Fatigue  and Thyroid issues are becoming more and more common.  The experts say that 1 in 8 women will end up with a thyroid condition in their lifetime, but what is at the core of these hormonal imbalances?  You gut!  The health of your gut plays a major role in keeping your hormones in sync and working properly.  When leaky gut is present it contributes to chronic stress, hormone imbalances and makes you more susceptible to parasites, bacteria and yeast overgrowth that also contribute to chronic stress and can even trigger autoimmune disorders.

Check out this freebie webinar to see if you gut is a factor in your adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues!  In this webinar my co-host Molly Hamill Ferguson (Life Coach and Hashimoto’s survivor) and I discuss:

  • The link with gut function, adrenals and thyroid
  • The best testing options and how you can get your hands on them
  • How to heal the gut so you can reverse adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues using diet, rest, exercise and stress reduction
Gut Webinar