Does Dairy Have You in the Dumps?

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What’s the Deal with Dairy?

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling depressed or unmotivated?  How about running to the bathroom at the most inconvenient times or multiple times a day? Have you ever wondered why in the heck you have a pimple past the age of 18?

It’s highly likely that dairy has you in the dumps if you answered yes to any of these questions.

Logically if you think about it, why are humans the ONLY mammals that continue to consume milk (and it’s products) past our infant years.  Even calves stop drinking milk after a few months.

Granted mammals, including us, are born to drink milk but only up until a certain point.  When we are born our bodies produce an enzyme called lactase that is specifically designed to break down the lactose that is found in milk.  

Everyone has heard of “lactose intolerance” and here is the big reason why it’s so prevalent and why everyone has it…

Humans stop producing the enzyme lactase usually after weaning off their mother’s breast milk and indefinitely around the age of 5-7.  So to some degree we are all “lactose intolerant” if we don’t have this enzyme anymore.

Another reason why dairy might have you in the dumps is because of a protein found in it called Casein.  This protein is at the top of the food allergy and sensitivities list.  The most casein rich foods are Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, protein powders, and most cheeses.

Because of lactose and casein, digesting dairy products is extremely harsh on the gut.  During the digestive process it damages the intestinal lining, causes leaky gut and allowing toxins into the bloodstream.  

This is why you might find yourself feeling depressed, unmotivated, running to the bathroom and popping zits still after the age of 18.  Food reactions show up in all different kinds of ways, not just digestive, and can present themselves up to 8 DAYS after consumption.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my cheese and a little wine with it too.  So how do I keep dairy from giving me the dumps?

Go For Goats.
The level of casein in goat’s milk it about 90% less than cow’s milk making it more digestible and less harmful to the digestive system.  There are a wide variety of goat milk products and cheeses at most grocery stores.

The Cream Is In The Coconut. 
This is my #1 favorite alternative to any milk or cream product.  Coconut milk is loaded with nutrients and natural anti-bacterials, more than almond milk.  Replace your coffee creamer with canned full fat coconut milk and you’ll hardly know the difference.  I’m also a big fan of coconut butter!

Abide By The 90/10 Rule. 
Of course there will be special occasions to dip into the milky way but if you only do it 10% of the time then you are naturally reducing the damage it can have on your gut.  When you do it all the time or every day, the damage compiles and your gut can’t heal.

If you’ve been a chronic dairy consumer for years then you may need some deeper healing therapies than just minimizing dairy intake.  Remember that digestive dysfunction can present itself in many ways (anxiety, depression, skin breakouts/rashes, low energy, allergies etc.) and the deeper the damage the more symptoms will appear.

Don’t let dairy get you in the dumps, leave the milk to the cows 😉

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Counting Calories is So Last Season!

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Should you count calories?

People ask me all the time how many calories do you eat? How many calories should I be eating?  How many calories are in this and that?

I did my fair share of calorie counting for YEARS, it was all I knew at one point in time to get my clients results when I started out as a trainer.  I competed in fitness shows, practiced strict calorie requirements and carb cycling to meet my goals and to look ultra lean on stage.  

Then I quit counting calories about four years ago and I’ve never felt more liberated, lean and happy with my body since.

By the time a client gets to me they are usually so obsessed and frustrated with counting calories, feeling deprived and have plateaued with results.  Then I give them food freedom by teaching them how to dial in their diet, never count calories again and give their body exactly what it needs to feel satisfied.


The idea of counting calories came from the 1st Law of Thermodynamics…energy is neither created nor destroyed it is merely converted…so in essence the myth is that as calories are burned they are converted into heat energy and sweat and that’s what makes you lose weight.

BUT the 1st Law of Thermodynamics is based on what’s called a “closed system” meaning there is no outlet so that energy has to be converted, and our bodies are NOT a closed system. They actually have multiple holes that we excrete used energy from (hehe).

It’s time to throw out that old school of thought and get in with the new school of thought.  It’s time to tune into YOUR BODY and give it what it needs to get the results that YOU WANT.

TravelFit Coaching Paradigm #5- You are unique and therefor your diet should be too.

There is no one diet fits all and that includes counting calories.  Sure when you deprive your body of calories you’ll get results for a while but do they ever really stick for good?

Initially I teach my clients the philosophy of metabolic typing. Discovering the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to fit their body.  Then we use that as a foundation to really hone in on their body’s unique needs.  

It’s about the quality of food you put in your body, not the quantity.  When your putting the right kind of high quality fuel in your body it will turn into a lean, mean fat-burning machine. You wouldn’t put low-grade fuel in a Ferrari right?  Your metabolism is your body’s fuel burning engine so treat it like a Ferrari and you’ll get better performance out of it.

Here are some quick questions to help you figure out your metabolic type…

1) Do you feel hungry and the need to eat within at least 2 hours of waking up?

2) Could you skip breakfast, just have a coffee and feel satisfied until lunch time?

3) A large breakfast that includes proteins like eggs and bacon makes me feel best and keeps me full for 2 hours or more?

4) A light breakfast of cereal, yogurt and/or fruit makes me feel best and keeps me full for 2 hours or more?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to questions #1 and #3 then you are most likely a Protein Type.  If you answered ‘Yes’ to questions #2 and #4 then you are most likely a Carbohydrate Type.  If you did not stand out as a Protein or Carbohydrate Type then you are most likely a Mixed Type.  

I believe it’s virtually impossible to overeat healthy foods. For one, when you put the right foods in your body you’ll feel satisfied, not deprived and not wanting to eat everything in sight. Secondly you’re nourishing the body with all kinds of goodness; vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

Once you tune into exactly what your body is asking for then you never have to count another calorie again.

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Belly Fat

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Belly fat and the connection with your digestion.

In the United States alone, 60% of the population is dealing with at least one symptom of digestive dysfunction — gas, bloating, heartburn, candida, constipation, diarrhea, you name it.

Living with digestive problems has become the new normal. Typically, they begin as minor complaints — a little indigestion here and there, the occasional tummy ache or bout of heartburn. Sooner or later, what was once a minor annoyance becomes something that can literally take over your life. This usually happens for two reasons — embarrassment and ignorance.

But digestive issues are not something that should be ignored. The digestive system plays a critical role in making sure that our body receives the nutrients it needs and keeps out bad toxins or health offenders.

If your digestive tract isn’t functioning properly then it’s an indicator for a bigger problem down the road, and this dysfunction causes a cascade of stress in the rest of the body. Think about it. If you’re not digesting properly then you’re not getting enough protein to feed your muscles, vitamins to keep your energy levels balanced, and your body isn’t going to let you lose fat because it needs that stored energy.

Internal stress causes belly fat.  

The hormone cortisol is released when the body encounters any kind of stress (internal or external). Cortisol also decreases human growth, which regulates belly fat.  See how the pieces of the puzzle are coming together?
If you have digestive dysfunction, then the body is under internal stress, causing your cortisol to spike and human growth hormone to decrease AND preventing you from losing that belly fat.  

Do you experience any of the following?
  • Loose stool
  • Don’t have at least 1 bowel movement per day
  • Adult acne or skin rashes/breakouts
  • Anxiety, depression or nervous stomach
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Brain Fog
  • Allergies
If you answered yes to any of these then you could be suffering from digestive dysfunction. Chances are, your doctor is unaware of the growing number of research studies demonstrating these alarming findings:

– The toxicity of persistent constipation may cause common, everyday symptoms like fatigue, attention deficit, and brain fog.
– Autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are almost always rooted in digestive dysfunction.
– The inflammation from gut dysfunction can spread throughout the body, causing inflammation in the brain, joints, and other important organs.

Most doctors are either unaware of this information or don’t care to know. Meanwhile, people like you are paying the price in unnecessary suffering, over the counter digestive aids and medical bills. The good news is that digestive dysfunction can be resolved through proper nutrition and supplementation.  As a health coach, this is the foundational work that I do with all of my clients because it relates to just about all of their health issues.  

If you know you have digestive issues and need help resolving them, let me know.  I’d be more than happy to help!

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Top 3 Reasons Why Juicing Doesn’t Work

Juice Fruit Veggie Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

Have you been caught up in the juicing and smoothie craze lately? Seems like all I see on Facebook and Instagram are pictures of everyone’s latest favorite homemade smoothie or fancy juice from the new juice bar in town.

But did you know that juicing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

I commonly get questions about the benefits of juicing from friends, family, clients and potential clients… basically just about everyone.

And to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of juicing or smoothies IF they’re not done properly. Juicing and smoothies do have a proper place in your health regimen, but only if you use them correctly.

In this week’s video I talk about why juicing doesn’t work and what you should be doing instead.  And here’s the link to last week’s Facts & Myths About Cleansing webinar replay where I touch on juicing even more and what you should be doing instead.

Here’s the Top 3 Reasons Why Juicing Doesn’t Work and what you should be on the lookout for to make sure you get the most out of your juice or smoothie…

#1-Juice Lacks Protein
This is the biggest problem I see with juicing, ESPECIALLY if you’re using it to detox or cleanse your body. There are 3 phases your body goes through to detox and get rid of toxins, and proteins are essential in order for phase 2 to happen. If you aren’t getting enough protein your body can’t use the detoxifying nutrients in juice adequately. To get the full benefits of juicing make sure you get in some protein.

#2- Not All Juices Are Created Equal
If you’re going to juice you better do it organically otherwise it’s just not worth it. Think of it this way, would you drink dirty water?  Probably not, so why would you drink non-organic juice contaminated with pesticides and toxins?  Not all juice bars, and certainly not all juices found in the grocery stores, are organic. I have found a LOT of juice bars that don’t even offer organic as an option, or you have to ask and pay a premium for it (well worth it!). And store bought pre-made juices, even the organic ones, can contain all kinds of preservatives. Drinking non-organic juice defeats the purpose and exposes you to more toxins. Go for fresh and organic or pass it up.

#3- Loss of Nutrients
Ever notice how if you cut a piece of fruit and save the rest for later it almost immediately starts to turn brown? This is called oxidation, when the cells begin to become damaged and die off, losing their nutrient value. The same happens to juices if they are not consumed right away. So that $15 juice you bought that was juiced yesterday now has less nutrient value than you think. Warm pressed juices lose their nutrient value within a few hours (commonly the pre-packaged store bought kind) and cold press juices maintain their value up to 48-72 hours. So if you’re receiving your juices ahead of time for a 3-5 day cleanse then by the time you drink them they have lost most of their cleansing properties and value. Make sure your juice is made on the spot or pick it up pre-bottled early in the morning and drink it ASAP.

And don’t even get me started on the sugar content in store bought juices! These are just a few reasons why I decided to start my Seasonal Cleanse Challenge (enrollment now open!)- to teach health-minded people like you how to Cleanse Your Body Naturally and Right! To bust myths about things like juice cleansing and to show you simple and effective ways to rid your body of toxins so you can have more energy, lose weight, and boost your immune system and health.

If you want to learn a simple and effective system for cleansing your body then you need to check out my Cleanse challenge. Or, if you want more energy, weight loss, to get rid of belly bloat and a stronger immune system then you also need to check out my Seasonal Cleanse Challenge here. (Today is the last day of early bird enrollment, save $20!)

It’s a no brainer, over 4 weeks I’ll be teaching you this simple and effective system for cleansing your body and you get all the benefits!

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