5 places to find ideal clients [guide]

This might date me, but when I started my health business over 10 years ago, social media wasn’t what it is today.

I built my business without a website or social media; all through organic networking, partnerships, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Which are still very active client sources today.

To this day, over 80% of my ideal clients still originate from these same organic places even with the website and social media presence I have now.

These organic client sources aren’t just successful for me but also for many other functional health practitioners and coaches that I’ve mentored over the years.

In fact, last week I attended the Consumer Health Summit (CHS), a group comprised of founders, innovators, and pioneers in our industry who all shared experiences about building their businesses from the ground up.

And guess what…

All of them started their business with organic customer traffic, not with paid ads or social media strategies – these came later.

What you need to know is that there are essentially 5 places to find clients each builds upon the other.

Here are the 5 places in order of growth strategy:

  1. Referrals: from partnerships, clients, etc.
  2. In-person: workshops, talks, networking events, etc.
  3. Social Media: Instagram, FB, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.
  4. Media: print, podcasts, webinars, summits
  5. Online: website and paid ads

While a marketing journey may not be linear as listed above, success requires a foundation, and there is a unique guide for every health business owner to follow that will yield the greatest results for your exact business.

How do you develop this unique guide for your business?

With Target Market Research.

Think of Target Market Research like lab testing for your business, it helps you gather insights and data to formulate a comprehensive protocol (aka marketing guide) that will produce results.

Target Market Research will tell you:

  • Where your ideal clients spend time so you can get in front of them.
  • What social media or other platforms they prefer (if any).
  • How they like to receive info (i.e. video, written, talks, etc.).

These insights then become the guidebook for the marketing strategy that will be most effective for you, giving you the greatest return on your time and effort.

In my health business, these insights are how I knew…

…to submit articles on MindBody Green and Elephant Journal to attract ideal clients…

…when to stop wasting time on articles and focus on being a podcast guest instead…

…to double down on Instagram and only repurpose content to other platforms if easy…

…what to say in all of my marketing content to connect with ideal clients and easily enroll them…

Want to learn more about Target Market Research and how to use it to develop your most effective marketing guide?

On May 22nd at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET, I am hosting a special LIVE business training to walk you step-by-step through The 3 Keys to Finding And Enrolling Clients: An Easy And Effective Strategy Playbook.

During the training, we will discuss:

  • The #1 most powerful marketing tool at your fingertips to attract ideal clients.
  • How to determine the most effective marketing strategy for your business.
  • The 3 essential stages of a consultation to easily enroll clients without feeling salesy.


And I’ve got some homework for you leading up to the training so you can walk away with strategies you can implement in your health business immediately to get it going or growing!


Start noticing what your preferred form of marketing and content is.  For example, is there a certain social platform you gravitate to, or another place where you like to ingest info?  And what do you like more; written or video content?  Also, make a list of all the places or hobbies where you invest time and money personally. 

I’ll be doing some laser coaching for those who attend live so save the space on your calendar ASAP by clicking the link below. 

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I’ve taught thousands of other Functional Health Practitioners and Coaches this same success-driven strategy, and now you can learn it too!

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