What every practitioner needs [inside]

What do 80+ functional health experts do when they get in a room together for the first time in over a year?

They share their gratitude for being connected again despite differing opinions about diets, approaches to health, or certain shots being administered at this time.

They check their egos at the door and choose to lift each other up and share best practices for how they can heal more people at a time like this.

They create a vision of something bigger; how they collectively can have a bigger voice to improve the future of health for all.

This is exactly what I needed and had the pleasure of experiencing during the Mindshare Mastermind retreat in Palm Springs…


Being a functional health practitioner can feel like a lonely road most of the time as you work solo or with a small team from home or in an office.

Oftentimes, you question if you’re doing the right thing or if there’s a better way to do what you do. Sometimes you question how much you actually know and what you may be missing in order to build your business further and reach more people.

You are not alone.

There are thousands of functional health practitioners out there wondering the same thing, while trying to make a living while helping people heal.

What sets the successful ones apart from the rest of the pack is having a community, connection, and mentorship.

It’s what every practitioner needs.

I felt lost, alone, and flailing when I first started my business. That was until I found a community that gave me connection and mentorship.

Since then, I’ve been in several different business mentorship groups along the way, each meeting my needs for where I was in my practice, and each giving me the next leg up I needed to increase my impact.

Every great athlete, actor, or icon has a mentor and community to help them achieve their potential.

So the question is…who is your mentor and community? And are they helping you reach your potential?

Mentorship and community are two of the core values built into my Practitioners’ Business Essentials (PBE) program to help you make your business dreams come true.

Here’s how you get mentorship and community as part of the program…

  • Bonus 45-minute mentor session with me personally at module 2
  • Bi-monthly live Q&A calls to help you at any stage of your business
  • A private Facebook group to connect with peers on the same path as you
  • Role-playing with others throughout the modules to put what you’re learning into play
  • Dedicated Peer Mentors to answer questions and encourage your every step of the way

And here’s what members have to say about it…

I know how critical mentorship and community are for your success, so to help you get what you need to succeed…

If you’re in PBE, I’m giving you a tough love nudge to show up and take action. Action is the food and drink that will nourish your success.

And if you’re NOT in PBE, I’m giving you 50% off the Practitioners’ Business Essentials now through August 31st with the code MENTORME.

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In the Practitioners’ Business Essentials course, I carefully hand-picked and packaged up the actions I took that gave me the biggest bang-for-my-buck in regards to my time and effort in order to build my client base and get my business going and growing.

In 4 weeks or less, PBE will help you gain a better understanding of:

  • Your unique approach and how it sets you apart to attract your ideal client
  • What your packages should look like to meet client’s needs and your income goals
  • Where to find your ideal client and how to market yourself to them
  • How to deliver impactful programs resulting in endless referrals
  • Where you can continue to grow and expand to create the rewarding a money-making business you’ve always desired

Invest in yourself and your business, and become part of a group of like-minded practitioners elevating themselves and each other at the same time. It’s worth it!

Click here to join the community and mentorship for 50% off with code MENTORME

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