Blow up your biz in 2022 [start now]

I’ll never forget the day I put my notice in at my last corporate job and finally made the leap into a Functional Health Practitioner entrepreneurship.

There was a huge sigh of relief, a wave of anxiety, and excitement all at once.

Relief for never having to answer to anyone else but myself again
Relief for all of the time and location freedom

Anxiety around all of the financial responsibility of running a business
Anxiety about getting it wrong and looking like a fraud

Excitement about all the endless possibilities that were in front of me
Excitement for getting to do things on my terms and helping hundreds of people heal

But a business isn’t built overnight, or even within a week or a month.  It takes time, and anyone who tells you differently is selling a pipe dream.

However, when you keep putting one foot in front of the other, before you know it you’ve climbed a mountain and the views from the top are extraordinary.

Over time, I’ve built a wildly successful multiple six-figure business by surrounding myself with next-level people, setting goals, and taking consistent action.

You can only see progress in what you track.

Every quarter I sit down and outline my BIG business goal for the next 3 months, and then identify specific steps or actions to take each month in order to work towards that goal.

This is how I went from 19 to 36 clients in 2 months and on average I’ve worked with 30+ clients at a time. Needless to say, my practice has been full. My revenue has increased by 30% or more year-over-year. I work less than 40 hours a week. On average, I take 64 days of vacation a year and 10 trips. 

So this week I want to challenge you to think about your BIG BUSINESS VISION FOR 2022.

Because NOW is the time to start working on it.

When January hits, what do you want to be…
Feeling about your business?
Experiencing in your business?
Doing or not doing in your business? 

And to help you get there, I’ve got just the thing!

The Flexible and Free Online Summit is happening soon, and I want to see you there. 

Over 7 years ago, the universe magically brought summit host Michelle Bell into my life.  She took my big business vision, automated it, and helped me make my dream life a reality.  Her automation knowledge and expertise have been a HUGE part of creating the wildly successful brand and functional health practice I have today.

Since then, we have combined forces to create proven business trainings and systems tailored to meet the unique needs of Functional Health Practitioners.

Along the way, we have met some of the most incredible business experts, and now we are bringing our expertise and expert business friends to you for FREE!

The 4 summit days will be packed to the brim with value, and you’ll learn from over 32 experts in mini-masterclasses. Seriously, the value of just one of these seminars is hundreds of dollars – and you’ll be getting over 30+ of them for free. 

If you’re ready to expand your business for more money, more clients, and more recognition, then you need to be there. 

Over the course of the 4-day event, we’ll go over: 

– Leveraging your ability to create evergreen courses and products so that you can make money while you sleep 

– Growing your business through marketing and automation so you can have more freedom in your life and make the most out of the hours you spend working

– Balancing your life with productivity strategies, stress management techniques, and mindset work. 

– How to put into motion everything you’ve learned… because implementation is the key to success with everything you do.

Are you ready to become flexible and free in 2022?

It’s time to start thinking about your business goals for 2022.  You’ve got less than 2 months to put them in motion and you’ll get exactly what you need to make them happen when you attend the Flexible and Free Online Summit.

I’m literally giving you access to my #1 business secret for FREE.

Click here to register for the Flexible and Free Online Summit NOW!





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