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I just want to feel like myself

3 Steps to Feel Your Best - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha


How many times have you said out loud or in your head, “I just want to feel like myself again?”

I remember waking up every morning wanting to feel like myself again so clearly….

…wanting to bounce out of bed instead of dragging myself to the coffee pot

…wanting to feel comfortable in my own body and clothes

…wanting to be free of the severe seasonal allergies that limited me

…wanting to not have to work so hard to maintain my weight

…wanting the acne to disappear from my face

…wanting the weird hormonal stuff to just go away

…simply wanted to feel my best so I could live life to the fullest

If you wish you could feel like yourself again, I’m here to tell you it is possible.  With the right tools and resources, you can find the missing pieces to your health puzzle and get back to feeling like yourself again or for the very first time.

I’m living proof. I’ve done it, and so many of my client’s have too.

I bet you know something deeper is going on with your body, but it feels like no one is listening to what you have to say.  You’ve probably seen specialist after specialist, been recommended a laundry list of supplements, medications, and therapies but nothing has really helped you get YOU back. 

You understand there’s a place for specialists and medications, but you think there’s a better way to get your health and self back so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

You crave answers like a kid craves candy (and you probably crave foods too for unexplained or uncontrollable reasons!).

Am I right?

I’ve been there; been told my blood work looked normal even when I didn’t feel that way or that my hormone issues were a part of aging when I knew better, and searching for answers that no one else could seem to give me.

In this week’s video and blog, I’m going to help you find the missing pieces of your health puzzle and get real answers so you can get back to feeling like yourself again (or for the very first time).

What you need is a new way of looking at disease, to be educated instead of medicated, and then you’ll have the keys to unlock the answers you’ve been searching for.

Here are the 3 exact steps I took and that I guide my clients through to boost energy, balance hormones, achieve weight goals and overcome just about any other health issues that might be ailing you. 

#1 – Figure out what foods are right for your body so it can function at its potential.
You are unique and therefore your diet should be too.  What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you and yet you’re trying to fit yourself into a specific framework with most dietary approaches.  

There’s a difference between eating healthy and eating right for your body, eating right for your body will include healthy foods but not every healthy food is right for your body. 

So how do you figure out what is right for your body?  

By testing to see which foods your body responds best to, and then dialing in your macronutrient (protein, carb and fat) ratios using my Food and Body Language Log to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs every time you eat.

This will instantly boost your energy, reduce any bloating and provide the nutrients your body needs to function at its potential.  When I discovered what foods were right for my body, I instantly started feeling more like myself again. 

#2 – Uncover hidden healing opportunities and restore balance to all body systems.
The body is a complex network of systems, each doing an important job that the other systems depend on.  When one system goes down, they are all affected.

Functional lab testing will help you see what systems of the body are out of balance and how they are impacting each other, revealing your healing opportunities!  These are NOT your typical blood tests.  They are usually saliva, urine and stool based to show the physiological aspects of the body and how it’s working, or not working.

Functional lab tests will take a deeper look at your hormones, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy and nervous system to guide you towards the right diet, rest, exercise, supplementation, stress reduction and toxin removal you need to feel your best. 

#3 – Tune into your body and give it what it needs to feel your best all the time.
Your body holds all of the answers you need, and it always has, but we’ve been conditioned to disconnect from our body and to search externally for solutions. When something doesn’t feel right in your body, it’s your body asking you to pay attention, to tune into what it’s trying to tell you, and when you do, you’ll know what to do to feel your best all the time.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a stressful day your stomach gets upset, you experience joint pain, you can’t sleep or your skin breaks out?

Or when you eat certain things your body reacts in some way?

This is your body talking to you, telling you it needs something.

For a long time I dealt with and ignored joint pain, severe seasonal allergies, weight struggles, migraines, cyclical breast tenderness, fatigue and much more.  Hindsight is always 20/20 though.  Looking back, I can clearly see these symptoms were my body’s way of waving the red flag to get my attention and let me know something was wrong.

We’ve become accustomed to accepting things that are common as normal, but just because something is common does NOT mean it’s normal.

Now if my body feels “off” in any kind of way, I tune it, check to see what it needs and give it just that.  

This could mean eating something differently, cancelling obligations to rest, getting some fresh air, doing a meditation or simply drinking some water.  Whatever my body needs I’ve got its back, and it’s got mine. 

The health and aging concerns you are facing today are not your destiny.  They are an accumulation of things that have happened over your lifetime which have slowly chipped away at that “feel good” feeling until you barely recognize yourself anymore. 

With these 3 steps you can unravel the doings of time and reveal the REAL YOU.

What step are you committed to taking today so you can feel like yourself again?

P.S. If you want to get your hands on the right lab tests and resources so you can find the missing pieces of your health puzzle, then schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session with me here today!

Your Thyroid asked for this…

Heal Your Thyroid Naturally - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

According to the American Thyroid Association, “more than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime. An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease and up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition.”

Those are some alarming numbers.  You could be sitting here reading this right now and not even realize you could be a part of those statistics.

It’s Thyroid Awareness Month; so it’s time to check in and see if your Thyroid has been sending an SOS asking you to pay attention to this important information.

Just about every client I’ve worked with has either been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, has a family history of it or suspects that they have one.  

Whether you ask Dr. Google or an Endocrinologist about why you might be feeling tired all the time, struggling with weight loss, losing your hair, feeling cold when others don’t or have menstrual irregularities, chances are the information you get will point to a thyroid condition.

These are the three most commonly diagnosed thyroid conditions:

Hyperthyroid – common symptoms can include; weight loss, anxiety, intolerance to heat, hair loss, excessive urination and panic attacks.

Hypothyroid – common symptoms can include; weight gain, fatigue, intolerance to cold, constipation, depression and thinning hair.

Hashimotos – this is a more severe case of hypothyroidism with similar symptoms; a genetic component making it an actual autoimmune disease, meaning the body is attacking its own thyroid gland.

However, in most cases, thyroid conditions are a symptom of something else.

The body does not work as singular systems or organs all minding their own business.  Each system of the body greatly impacts how all of the others are able to function.

To understand what’s happening with the thyroid, we have to start asking “WHY?”

Why is this thyroid epidemic happening?  Why are people’s thyroids all of a sudden “just not working”? – as most of my clients are told.

We need to start looking at our body as the complex system that it is.  Remember that song in preschool…”the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone, la la la la…” – everything is connected!

Like I said earlier, in most cases, thyroid conditions are a symptom of something else because it’s all connected.  

If you have been diagnosed, know someone who has, or suspect that you have a thyroid condition, here are the Top 4 Things Throwing Your Thyroid Off.

#1 – Low Calorie Diet
Calorie restrictions, for as little as a few days, can drop thyroid production by 38 percent!  That’s just over a “few” days; imagine if you’ve been dieting for weeks, months or years even if it’s been on-and-off.  Even if you lost some weight from calorie restriction, the long-term side effects are a slower metabolism from a famished thyroid.

#2- Clogged Liver
Your liver is responsible for converting a huge chunk of your thyroid hormone.  If your liver is clogged from chronic exposure to toxins, medication use, processed foods and other things, then of course you wouldn’t be converting thyroid hormones as you should and this could look like a thyroid condition.

#3- Adrenal or Cortisol Dysfunction
The HPA-axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal Gland Axis) is one of the main control centers of the body-consider this the conductor of the train or orchestra.  The Hypothalamus links the nervous and endocrine system via the Pituitary gland, and your thyroid is part of the endocrine system.  If you have Adrenal or Cortisol Dysfunction going on, guess what?  There’s a domino effect causing imbalance in the thyroid.  This type of dysfunction occurs with prolonged periods of stress and inflammation in the body, which most of us have experienced until we know what to do otherwise. 

#4- Amino Acid Deficiency
For the body to produce thyroid hormones, particularly one called free T4, it needs an adequate supply of amino acids obtained from proteins.  If you are not eating enough protein or absorbing it optimally, then your body is NOT getting enough amino acids to create thyroid hormones in the first place.  With Hashimoto’s, it is critical to support digestion and to consume plenty of protein for free T4-it will help manage the disease better.  Alternatively, those without Hashimoto’s but with impaired digestion or lacking amino acids in their diet could be showing low free T4 counts and be misdiagnosed with a thyroid condition.

There are high chances that one of these four things pertains to you in some way.  It’s rare to see someone who has never dieted, has optimal digestion and protein intake, doesn’t have a clogged liver or who has minimal stress and inflammation in their lifetime, making adrenal or cortisol dysfunction irrelevant. 

I want to help you avoid becoming part of this thyroid epidemic!

I’ve written a TON of blogs about thyroid health and thyroid related health issues to give you all the resources, tools, and pieces of the puzzle you need to support and heal your thyroid naturally.

Check out some of my most popular and insightful blogs about your thyroid so you can prevent or potentially reverse any thyroid issues you might encounter….

Think You Have A Thyroid Problem? Read this
I dive into details about how having a sluggish liver can greatly impact your thyroid function and what you can do to promote optimal thyroid hormone conversion!

What If It’s Not A Thyroid Problem
This blog explores other factors impacting thyroid function that make it look like you have a thyroid problem when it’s really not your main issue.

3 Steps To Support & Heal Your Thyroid
In this 3-part blog series, I share with you the major steps I took (also the steps I guide my clients through) to support and heal the thyroid naturally.

My mission is to support busy, health-minded people like you in getting your hands on the right lab tests and resources so you can have a super healthy thyroid, or so you can simply get back to feeling like yourself again.

If you want to explore the missing pieces of your health puzzle on a deeper level so you can actually fix what is wrong and feel your best, then schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session with me here today!



4 Simple steps for fasting

4 Simple Fasting Tips - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

If you follow me closely on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably know I did my first 3-day fast for 2021 last week.

Not only was this my first 3-day fast of the year, but it’s the 8th one I’ve done since starting them a little over a year ago.

But let me tell you, I didn’t just jump into fasting overnight (ha! no pun intended).

There was a time when my body couldn’t even handle intermittent fasting for 12 hours let alone 3 full days. I eased into prolonged fasting over time and I’m going to share the 4 simple steps I took to get there.

Yes, fasting can produce some major health benefits and it’s been used for a long time as a therapeutic tool to help reverse or prevent health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

And at the same time, without the right supervision, guidance or preparation, fasting can do more damage than good. 

The reality is, fasting isn’t right for everyone, regardless of how popular it is.  I’ve seen too many clients walk through my virtual practice door frustrated with the lack of results they’ve seen from their fasting attempts or feeling wiped and worse off after trying it.

In the midst of healing my Hashimotos and reversing mold illness, my body couldn’t tolerate fasting at all.  My body was too toxic, depleted and dysfunctional at the time to metabolize fat for fuel and feel good while fasting, even for short periods.

Fasting has been a part of human existence probably from the beginning of time as our ancestors roamed the earth alternating through times of feast or famine and hibernation during the winter months.  

However, our modern day culture killed off our fasting instincts with the introduction of fast food drive thrus, processed foods with exceptionally long shelf lives and high carbohydrate, and sugar diets that leave you craving more food than ever before.

To top it off, the majority of our modern-day food leads to blood sugar issues, hormone imbalances, liver and gut dysfunction which negatively impact your ability to utilize fasting effectively as a tool. 

And then there’s the toxins and stressors that our bodies encounter every day which alter hormonal balance and other metabolic processes leaving the body less equipped for effective fasting. 

A body that was once born with a natural ability to tolerate fasting no longer can due to the evolution of the food industry and our environment.

However in this week’s video and blog, I’m going to give you 4 simple steps you can take to get your body into fasting shape, and to make fasting more effective. 

Let’s break down what fasting is first…

When it comes to intermittent fasting (especially as it relates to the Keto diet), there are basically two schools of thought:

#1- Fasting means not eating anything containing calories for a period of time

#2- Fasting means not eating any sources of immediate energy such as carbs or proteins (fats are ok)

Both approaches focus on training the body to primarily utilize fat stores for energy to become “fat adapted”.  The standard american diet, and even most other whole food or primal diets, such as Paleo and Whole30, constantly supply the body with readily available fuel sources in the forms of carbohydrates (veggies, fruits, nuts, etc.) and proteins (meat, beans, etc.).

Training the body to be fat-adapted requires cutting off sources to these readily available types of fuel and forcing the body to tap into its own fuel storage- fat.

Then there’s prolonged fasting periods which typically exceed 24 hours and can go on for days.  At this point one’s body ideally should be fat-adapted in order to access its own fuel source so you can feel best during these longer stints. 

With prolonged fasting, there are also multiple schools of thought.  Some do “water only” fasts while others might include a daily cup of bone broth like I do. Most approaches produce health benefits and you should choose one that works best for you and is in alignment with your goals.

I use prolonged fasting as a tool to restore and repair my digestive tract every few months. The cells of the intestinal lining have the ability to completely regenerate within 72-hours if you avoid consuming food, giving you a whole new, stronger, healthier digestive tract. 

Having a cup of bone broth at night and taking daily supplements helps to restore the gut and maximize fat metabolism for additional benefits such as toxin elimination, hormonal health, energy and sleep. 

But as I’ve cautioned earlier, fasting isn’t for everyone, at least not in the current state of health you might be in.  It’s always important to consult with your health professional before trying any method of fasting.

And before you jump right in, follow these 4 simple steps to get your body into fasting shape, and to make fasting more effective…

1 – Test, don’t guess.
It’s better to know about underlying hormone or nutrient imbalances before you dive into fasting.  At a minimum, check your thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and melatonin levels along with your vitamin and mineral balance before starting a fasting routine.  If any imbalances exist, lay the foundation to reverse them with a therapeutic diet, adequate sleep, appropriate exercise, stress reduction and nourishing supplements before jumping into fasting.

2 – Fuel up with fat.
Slowly ease your body into the transition by fasting with fat as your primary fuel source.  Fat is not readily available as fuel when ingested so it still requires your body to tap into its own fat fuel sources.  Allow yourself to have a fat only meal in the morning such as a coffee or matcha tea with ghee and/or full fat coconut milk.  This will deliver some of the essential nutrients your body needs so it can still function at its potential while staying away from carbs or proteins that can hijack fat for fuel metabolism. 

Training your body to use fat for fuel is the key to having energy and sleeping well while fasting. 

3 – Ease into it.
Don’t go for the gold right from the get-go.  Start by making dinner your last meal, fasting overnight, and gradually extending out the time you eat breakfast in the morning a few days a week.  This is basically what’s called Intermittent Fasting. 

I started by having dinner by 7:30pm and my first meal around 9:30 or 10am the next morning resulting in a 14 hour fasting period. As your body adapts, your energy will improve, letting you know when you can extend the length of your fasting window.  

(NOTE: Women’s hormones are particularly sensitive to food deprivation so it’s best to fast every other day instead of every day when getting started and to be mindful of your body’s needs around certain times of your cycle)

4 – Salt and supplement.
When avoiding food, you’re also avoiding access to nutrients so it’s essential to supplement what you’re missing. When fasting, supplementing with vitamins and minerals will help maintain sleep quality, keep your hormones happy, your energy balanced and support the process of fat metabolism.  Our ancestors salted meat to cure them for food storage and ate every part of the animal (organs, cartilage, etc.) so the nutrient values in their bodies were much higher than ours, even when they were forced to fast.

While fasting, I continue to take my daily supplements to ensure my body has the nutrients it needs to get the job done.  

Plus I add an extra packet of LMNT electrolytes to maintain hydration, lower cortisol and boost energy, and I take Bio-Botanicals G.I. Detox to help bind toxins being released from fat (where they are stored) as it’s broken down for fuel to make sure they are eliminated and not recirculated. 

You’ll know your body is ready for fasting when your energy is even all day long and your sleep is spectacular, especially when you start to lengthen time between meals. 

We want to think of the body as a well-oiled machine that is ready to adapt to anything we throw at it, but that’s generally not the case, considering all the variables that impact our health in this modern day world.  

With most diet trends, people have a tendency to dive all-in without considering if their body is ready for it, and when it “doesn’t work,” they give up.  

Often it’s not the diet that didn’t work, but something else under the hood that got in the way.  This is why it’s always better to test, not guess, in order to figure out exactly what is right for your body so you don’t go spinning your wheels, wasting money or time on failed attempts or health improvement strategies that aren’t right for you.

If you want to assess your readiness for fasting or to figure out what foods are right for your body so it can function at its potential,  then schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session with me here today!



5 tips to nail your 2021 goals [ends Jan. 14th]

5 Health Goal Tips - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

Can you believe we finally started a new year and left that dumpster fire of 2020 behind???   

The beginning of a new year holds a whole new meaning when it comes to setting goals after the year we just had – what you set your sights on now can change in an instant as 2020 taught, so how do you stay the course despite what life throws at you?

To help you kick this year right, I want to give you 5 critical tips to help you actually nail your health goals this year, for real this time.

Because, how many times have you told yourself this is going to be the year?

The year you…

Get your energy back

Finally feel good in your body again

Ditch the stress and make more time for self-care

Figure out what is really going on with your hormones

Reverse your autoimmune issues and manage them naturally

Or get to the bottom of your bloating and digestive struggles

…and ultimately get back to feeling like yourself again (or for the very first time).

As most people do, you probably always start the new year with the best of intentions but quickly find yourself getting lost in the chaos of everyday life, or swept up by a pandemic.  And before you know it, the whole year has practically passed you by, and you still feel uncomfortable in your body, sick or tired all of the time.

I feel ya, I’ve fallen into this vicious cycle myself in the past, but I made some major shifts along my journey to get my energy and body back. 

First, let me tell you, it’s not your fault if you haven’t reached your New Year’s resolutions in years past.  There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.  Feedback that you need a different plan of attack.

There’s more to achieving a goal than just setting one.  

Marathon runners don’t just wake up one day and run a marathon.  They train for it.  They fuel their body for it.  They buy the right clothing for it.  They put energy and thought into exactly how they are going to make it to the finish line on race day.

Like training for a marathon, in order to nail your health goals you need the right plan, resources and support.

In this week’s video and blog, I give you 5 critical tips to help you actually nail your health goals this year, for real this time.

1 – Focus on the why, not the what
Who wouldn’t like to lose a little weight, have more energy or control of their health naturally?  Those are surface goals.  It’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it’s what is on the inside that will keep you motivated.  

What would having more energy, control of your health and weight do for you?  How would it change your life?  

It would give you more confidence.  You would feel more comfortable in your skin.  You would be able to focus better at work, and as a result make more money.  You would be a better partner and parent.  You would be able to travel the world, hike the tallest mountain, do anything you physically wanted to do with a feeling of joy.  You would be limitless!

When I trained for a marathon, sure there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed and run a ridiculous amount of miles.  And when I was in the depths of healing Hashimotos and mold illness, there were plenty of times when I wanted to throw in the towel, but reconnecting with my “why” is what kept me going, and it’s what keeps my clients going too.

2 – Clear the clutter
Distractions are everywhere and they can come in any form; food, finances, physical clutter in your home, negative people who drain your energy, social media and the news or people who convince you to do things that aren’t in your health’s best interest.

If you have to stare the cookies in the chocolate chip eye every day, eventually they will get the best of you.

Give yourself time to set up your environment to support the pursuit of your goals.  Clear food out of the pantry and fridge that isn’t in alignment with how you want to be eating.  Put together a budget or get your finances in order so you don’t have to worry about them, and you can focus on yourself.  Take one day to organize that hall closet, garage or other cluttered space in your home.  And set some healthy boundaries for those things or people in your life who may not be on the same path as you – instead of gossiping over cocktails, grab a coffee or take a walk and set a social media or news time consumption limit.

Once the clutter is out of the way you can move forward on a clear path.

3 – Build upon your existing rituals
We all brush our teeth in the morning, or at least I hope you do.  This is a ritual, or a habit, and something we can build upon.

Often what feels overwhelming about going after your health goals is the idea of having to “create time” or space to workout, eat healthy, meditate, drink more water etc.  But what if you just built upon the time you’ve already carved out for the rituals or habits you already have in place?

This really helped me build a meditation practice.  I started with just 10-15 minutes of meditation after our evening family dog walk as part of my nightly “wind down” routine.  It eventually grew into 30 minutes and I yearned for it so much that I eventually implemented into my morning routine right before my workout.

Oil pulling is another great example for me.  I do it 3 mornings per week while I prepare supplements and morning water – tackling two things at once!  I’m all about efficiency.

Another great example that my clients really enjoy is doing meditation in their car in the driveway when they get home from work before entering their house, or in the bathroom after taking a shower.  These are great ways to disconnect from work and create quiet spaces so you can be more present for loved ones.

Assess your current rituals and how you can build upon them with the things that you would like to be doing for yourself to support your health.

4 – Recruit the right support and resources
It’s ok to ask for help, and don’t let your ego tell you otherwise.  Instead of spinning your wheels about what foods to eat, what exercise to engage in, which meditation to try, supplements to take or about anything else that might support your health goals, recruit the right experts and resources to be your guide.

As the old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”, it can also take a team of experts or resources to help you reach your health goals.  Set yourself up for success by hiring the right experts to hold you accountable and give you the resources you need to feel your best.  Your health-goals dream team might include a personal trainer, health coach, chiropractor, acupuncturist, spiritual guide or other health professional.


5 – Stop shooting in the dark
If you’ve “tried everything” when it comes to diet and exercise, yet nothing seems to work, then it’s time to test instead of guess.  You are unique and therefore your diet, exercise, sleep, supplements and stress reduction needs will be too.  What works for one person isn’t exactly going to work for you.

When your attempts to lose weight, increase your energy and get your health back under control aren’t working, it’s a sign that something bigger is going on beneath the surface such as hormone imbalances, liver congestion, poor nutrient absorption or fat for fuel metabolism, and your typical blood tests won’t pick up on these hidden dysfunctions.  

Your results will always be lacking, no matter how many diets or workout routines you try, if you’ve got something greater going on under the hood.

So stop shooting in the dark, run some functional lab tests that will give you a bigger picture of your overall health and take a more strategic, and personalized approach to reaching your health goals this year.

Let me know how I can support you more in achieving your 2021 health goals…

Take 2 minutes to complete this survey by Jan. 14th and be entered to win 3 FREE HEALTH COACHING SESSIONS with me! ($750 value)

As the (W)holistic Health Boss, my mission is to support busy, health-minded people like you in getting access to the right lab tests and resources so you can find the missing pieces to your health puzzle and get back to feeling like yourself again (or for the very first time!).

Here’s to you achieving your health goals this year, no matter what life throws at you!

(P.S. I would be thrilled to be on your team. I’m currently taking a limited number of clients and offering a 20% discount for the month of January. If you’re ready to take back control of your health and feel like your best self, schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session here to explore the possibilities)



2020 Health Tip Highlights

Top 2020 Health Tips - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

Wow.  Can you believe how fast 2020 has come and gone? 

And so much has happened in the world of health in 2020…

  • A pandemic exploded 
  • Causing us to question our personal health status and the response to the pandemic
  • A vaccine was quickly created and has recently been rolled out

And what didn’t happen was a conversation about how we got to a pandemic in the first place. As we work to reverse the pandemic, it’s also important to explore what led to it so we can reduce the risk of one in the future.  

Some of the most common correlations for risk factors and the spread have been:

  • Pre-existing chronic disease such as Diabetes or autoimmunity
  • High blood glucose (sugar) levels
  • Low Vitamin D levels

All of which are preventable, reversible or managed better with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

On average, it takes almost 18 years for this type of new information to hit your doctor’s desk; so more and more people are turning away from conventional medicine due to the lack of solutions and seeking more personalized care from functional and holistic health-minded professionals like myself.

As I’ve been saying since this pandemic hit, most people need to experience a catastrophic event (i.e. a health scare) to realize they need to do something about their health, and the majority of this year has been a global catastrophic event. 

Life gives us exactly what we need when we need it, we just have to be open to receive it.

This year forced a LOT of change.  It forced us to change the way we look at the world, the way we look at our health and what we prioritize in our lives.

What has been important to you?

For some it has been toilet paper, and for others it’s been making sure they have high quality food in the fridge.

While I was re-evaluating my priorities, it seems this year has been calling us to:

  • Slow down
  • Let go of being busy
  • Look inward instead of out
  • Be with yourself and those closest to you
  • Practice patience and hold space for health
  • Take time to create and contemplate what is really important

Interestingly, these are also basic practices that help you to build and maintain your health, and they have been pivotal parts of my health journey that helped me reverse Hashimotos, balance my hormones, restore my energy and get back to my ideal body. 

As the (W)holistic Health Boss, my mission is to help keep you up to speed on the latest information, tips, tools and resources so you can find the missing pieces to your health puzzle and feel like yourself again or for the very first time.

This year, I’ve written over 50 blogs and hundreds of social media posts to educate and empower you about the right lab tests and resources you need to feel like your best self again (or for the very first time).

But if you’re anything like me, then life has surely been busy and maybe you’ve missed a few of the important things I had to share with you.

So to close out 2020, I’ve compiled the top tips and pieces of information I shared this year in hopes that these will give you the insights you need to kick off 2021 with a healthy bang!

Even if you read them the first time, read them again. A new golden nugget of information just might jump out at you!

As you reflect on the year, take a moment to envision what you want for yourself and your health in 2021.

Do you want more energy?

To feel great in your body again?

To finally put your digestive issues, anxiety or crappy nights of sleep to rest?

All so you can feel healthy, strong, free and limitless to be adventurous and live life to the fullest every day?

If so, then 2021 is your year.

I’m currently taking a limited number of clients and offering a 20% discount for the month of January on all of my coaching packages for those who want to start 2021 strong with a personalized, yet strategic health-building plan that is realistic and produces long-lasting results.

If you’re ready to take back control of your health and feel like your best self, schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session here to explore the possibilities. 

And enjoy these top health tips from 2020!

Top Instagram Posts

Top Blog Posts

Top Facebook Videos


Wishing you a new year full of peace, balance and more joy!



7 Healthy Hormone Hacks [final days]

- Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha


Have you been missing out on my simple tips to keep your hormones balanced during the holidays so you can feel your best going into 2021?

I’ve been giving away all kinds of knowledge goodies over the past week in regards to practical things you can do to keep hormones (such as cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, melatonin, insulin and leptin) balanced during the holiday season, and reverse the havoc 2020 has wreaked on them.

The holidays can take a toll on your hormones as you tend to focus SO much on giving to others this time of year and not so much on giving to yourself as you run around from holiday parties, last minute gift shopping and visiting family or friends.

By the end of it all, I bet you usually feel wiped out and wondering why you feel so fat, tired and sick all the time – it’s because your hormones took a hit!

And even though in-person holiday happenings and shopping have been put on pause, 2020 has been packed with all kinds of hurdles that have likely hit your hormones pretty hard.

To help you keep your hormones intact this holiday season and breathe life back into them for 2021, on December 12th I kicked off an Instagram and Facebook series called the “12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks for the Holidays”.

Over the course of 12 days on Instagram and Facebook, catch my videos and posts where I’m delivering simple tips for practical things you can do to keep your hormones balanced while you enjoy the holiday season!

Here’s what you might have missed so far…

Day 6: Bank Some Sleep

Sleep is the first thing to go out the window during the holiday season. We stay up late doing a variety of things this time of year…

Burning the midnight oil to meet last minute work deadlines
Wrapping presents when our kids or loved ones are asleep
Dancing or socializing the night away at holiday parties
Waiting for Santa or loved ones to arrive
Or by taking red-eye flights to save a few bucks

But you might have noticed that even when you get 8 hours of sleep or allow yourself to sleep in after a late night, you just don’t seem to wake up feeling as rested as you could if you had gone to bed at a more reasonable time.

That’s because every 1 hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours of rest!

Our body is on an internal time clock according to the sun and moon cycles. Based on this internal timer, our body has specific times of day when it does some really critical functions to help keep our hormones in balance.

For example, in the window of 10pm-2am, the body releases human growth hormone which helps to repair damaged tissues or cells, and create new cells.  During this time is also when cortisol levels are supposed to be at their lowest and melatonin hormone is at its peak to support restful sleep.  And during the window of 2am-4am is when the liver and gallbladder get to work cleansing and detoxifying to release toxins which promotes hormone balance.

If we miss these windows of sleep, our body does not shift its internal clock on our behalf, we simply miss out on these important functions being performed as they should be, and our hormones take a hit as a result.  Constantly staying up late can completely flip your cortisol rhythm, mess with melatonin production and disrupt the rest of your hormones as a result.

Obviously there are some very fun-filled and valid reasons to maybe miss some shut eye this time of year, but you can make up for lost time by banking your sleep on the days that you are able to get to bed at a more reasonable hour.

Remember that every 1 hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours of rest!  

So on the nights when you don’t have holiday obligations or commitments, aim to be in bed by 10pm or earlier to bank some sleep for late nights you might have ahead or to make up for the ones you already have.  

Getting in good quality sleep at the optimal times as much as you can will help to keep your cortisol and melatonin in sync, and allow human growth hormone to get to work on your behalf so you can wake up feeling rested and make it through the holidays without your hormones getting completely out of whack.


Day 5: Crush Some Cruciferous Veggies

It’s the last full weekend before Christmas and all through the town, christmas cocktails are flowing… meaning estrogen levels are on the rise.

One alcoholic beverage can increase estrogen levels in the body for up to 24 hours, but this time of year there’s bound to be more than one drink had and with back-to-back holiday festivities, our bodies may not get a full 24-hour break for estrogen levels to fall back to normal.

Aside from alcohol, there is a whole category of toxins called xenoestrogens, such as certain plastics, that we are likely to come in contact with more frequently this time of year.

Alcohol and plastic can increase estrogen.

Constantly elevated estrogen levels from alcohol consumption or toxin exposures can lead to estrogen dominance which can, in turn, trigger thyroid imbalances, sleep issues and mood swings.

But don’t worry, you can still indulge this holiday season and not worry about every plastic you touch if you focus on crushing some cruciferous veggies when you sit down to eat.

Cruciferous vegetables are a staple in an anti-estrogenic type of diet or lifestyle.  They contain a compound called DIM (3’3 diindolylmethane) which helps your body to remove estrogen through the liver.

DIM isn’t the only reason why cruciferous veggies are anti-estrogenic. Most of them also contain chlorophyll (found in the green leaves) which also aids in reducing estrogen through improved liver health. 

Next time you go out to eat or cook at home, see where you can incorporate some of these cruciferous veggies…

  • Arugula
  • Bok Choy
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Collard Greens
  • Kale
  • Mustard greens
  • Radish
  • Turnip
  • Watercress

Some of my favorite holiday side dishes include different styles of roasted Brussels sprouts and kale salads.  Brussels sprouts in general are a big trend these days for appetizers, so look to add them to your meal when eating out.  Or double the benefits with some sauerkraut to get in your cabbage to lower estrogen AND promote better gut health.

Keep that estrogen in check by crushing some cruciferous veggies as we wind down the year!


Day 4: Wake Up with Warm Water

Baby, it’s cold outside ❄️ so why wouldn’t you want to start your day off with some warm lemon-salted water while you wait to brew your usual cup of joe or tea? 

Beyond just warming you up, your hormones can hugely benefit by starting your day off with warm water enhanced with a slice of lemon and pinch of Himalayan or sea salt. 

Lemons have been shown to help detoxify the liver, and the liver is where we either convert hormones (such as thyroid T4 to T3) or excrete excess hormones (such as estrogen) which can lead to weight gain, sleep and mood issues if it builds up.

A pinch of Himalayan or sea salt promotes better hydration and electrolyte balance which is important for hormone and bodily functions.  Plus, the magnesium, sodium and potassium in the salt nourishes the adrenal glands which largely produce cortisol and DHEA hormone and also contribute to the production of adrenaline, estrogen and other hormones as well.

Warm or room temperature water aids in the absorption of the lemon and salt nutrients into the body in addition to promoting digestive function and bowel movements (which is how we excrete toxins that can impact hormone balance or excess hormones themselves).  Essentially, warm water gives the insides of your body a gentle nudge to get going instead of a cold electric shock to get out of bed – warm water sounds much more pleasing, right?

During the craziness of the holidays, we are more likely to forget to drink water throughout the day and then we indulge in other activities such as drinking alcohol, extra coffee and traveling, which dehydrate and rob us of nutrients even more.

I always aim to drink at least 20-32 ounces of warm, lemon-salted water before 10am.  This wasn’t easy at first because I was so attached to my morning coffee, but little by little I made the switch and now I wake up craving my warm water and have no need for coffee anymore.

This holiday season, see if you can add in a cup of warm, lemon-salted water to your morning to give your hormones a healthy boost to start your day!


Head on over to my Instagram and Facebook to see what you might have missed AND to catch the rest of my 12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks for the Holidays.

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12 Healthy Hormone Hacks for the Holidays!

12 Hormone Hacks for the Holidays- Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

It’s that time of year again – the holidays!

The holidays can wreak havoc on your hormones as you tend to focus SO much on giving to others this time of year and not so much on giving to yourself as you run around from holiday parties, last minute gift shopping and visiting family or friends.

By the end of it all, I bet you usually feel wiped out and wondering why you feel so fat, tired and sick all the time – it’s because your hormones took a hit!

And even though in-person holiday happenings and shopping have been put on pause, 2020 has been packed with all kinds of hurdles that have likely hit your hormones pretty hard.

To help you keep your hormones intact this holiday season and breath life back into them for 2021, on December 12th I’m kicking off a Instagram and Facebook series called the “12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks for the Holidays” 

Over 12 days on Instagram and Facebook, catch my videos and posts where I’ll be delivering simple tips for practical things you can do to keep your hormones balanced while you enjoy the holiday season!

Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve got lined up for you starting December 12th…

Day 1 – Fill Up With Fat
This likely sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it’s not when it comes to your hormones, energy levels and kicking cravings!  

In order for the body to make hormones, it needs you to eat healthy dietary fats that are broken down into LDL and cholesterol to make hormones along with other nutrients such as B vitamins.  Yep, you heard me right. LDL and cholesterol are actually necessary to make hormones. They get a bad rap, but they are not bad for you if sourced in a healthy way.

Filling up with healthy fats can also help to balance your blood sugar for longer-lasting energy, to reduce inflammation and to kick cravings.

So what kinds of healthy fats should you indulge in during the holidays?

  • Avocado on its own, as guacamole or as an oil
  • Full fat coconut milk in your coffee, tea and/or smoothies
  • Organic, nitrate-free and gluten-free bacon
  • Cold-Pressed and organic olive or coconut oil in cooked or baked goods
  • Grass-fed ghee instead of butter (less inflammatory) 
  • Fatty cuts of organic and pasture-raised meats and eggs

One of my favorite fat-bomb beverages is a matcha latte with full fat coconut milk and vanilla bean ghee.  This keeps me feeling full and energized for 5 hours or more!

I always fill up on fat before I hit a holiday (Zoom) party or aim to eat the fattiest snacks while I’m there, to keep my hormones happy and my hunger under control.

Focus on filling up with healthy fats at least once a day and notice the way it makes you feel more full, more energized and craving free.


Day 2 – Breathe Deeply
This time of year we are in constant movement – decorating, planning, working, shopping, traveling, cooking, cleaning and socializing.  While all of that is necessary and some of it is fun, it does take a toll on our hormonal health.

Constant movement triggers our sympathetic nervous system and elicits a stress response in the body, aka the fight or flight response.  In a stressed state, our body uses a lot of valuable hormonal resources.  Cortisol is one of the primary hormones at play but not the only one impacted in a negative way.

In fight or flight mode, our body directs all of its valuable resources outward for quick thinking and quick moving, leaving little resources for the rest of the critical functions in our body to take place to keep our health in line.

BUT there is something you can do that takes 2 minutes or less to snap yourself out of this reactive place and quickly into more of a rest and relaxation mode so your hormones can come back into balance and your body can heal from all the work it has been doing…

Deep Breathing. 

It’s as simple as that.  When we adopt the deep, rhythmic breathing patterns of a relaxed person, we can automatically and instantly flip the switch from being in fight or flight mode into a more relaxed state.

Try this ten times…

  • Inhale for a count of 5
  • Hold the breath for a count of 5
  • Exhale for a count of 7

You can use this simple breathing technique anytime you notice yourself moving too fast or when you’ve gone a long time without taking a break, to instantly bring cortisol and other hormones back into balance.

I often do this once in the morning, afternoon and before bed.  Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to stop at least once a day this holiday season to breathe deeply and promote hormone balance.


Day 3 – Go Green
During the holidays, inflammation is on the rise as we indulge in different foods or beverages that might have a more inflammatory effect on the body, from toxins we encounter while traveling and as a result of any mental or emotional stress we might experience this time of year.

Inflammation is at the root of all hormone dysfunction or any chronic disease.  It drives cortisol out of rhythm, creating a negative domino effect on other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid. And over time, chronic inflammation, even at low grade levels, can overwhelm the immune system, kicking it into overdrive and eventually leading to autoimmunity or other chronic conditions.

Sure you’re going to indulge, with it being the holidays, and you can’t always control your exposure to toxins or the need to travel, but there are things you can do on a daily basis to calm down the inflammatory fire.

To help you reduce inflammation on a daily basis – GO GREEN!

One cup of green tea has an abundance of anti-inflammatory effects that can positively impact your hormones and even your gut health.  EGCG is the active ingredient in green tea which modulates genes to produce an anti-inflammatory effect.

To keep that inflammation fire contained, aim to incorporate a cup of green tea daily during the holidays.

This is such an easy task!  You can grab a cup of green tea almost anywhere while on the road or in an airport, or pack your favorite green tea brand to always have with you.  It’s the perfect drink to start your day or keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

As I mentioned in tip 1 when talking about filling up with fats to keep your hormones healthy, one of my favorite fat bomb beverages is a matcha latte with full fat coconut milk and 2 teaspoons of vanilla bean ghee.  This keeps me feeling full and energized for at least 4 hours, plus has all the added anti-inflammatory benefits.

Go with green tea this holiday season to keep that inflammation under control for healthy hormones.


Make sure you’re following me closely on Instagram and Facebook to catch the rest of my, 12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks for the Holidays!

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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide [2020]

2020 Holiday Health Gift Ideas- Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

Gift-giving season is in full force, and what better gift is there than the gift of health so you and your loved ones can live your best life? Especially after the unique year we’ve all had.

I know what you’re probably thinking… Healthy gifts aren’t sexy or exciting like getting a new iPhone, piece of jewelry or gadget.

And while this might be true, health-supporting gifts are the ones that will keep giving long after the holidays are gone.  2020 has taken a toll on everyone’s health across the globe and shown us that we need to take better care of ourselves. 

No one wants to ask for healthy things for the holidays because it’s too taboo, but it’s what we all really want in the long run, and need.

A new iPhone or gadget eventually becomes outdated.  A piece of jewelry eventually loses its appeal.  Clothes get old and go out of style.

But your health is something you’ll have for the rest of your life, and in order to make the most out of the rest of your life, you need your health.

In this week’s video and blog, I share with you my favorite health-supporting tools to help you give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health this holiday season, and beyond!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself (like I do this time of year LOL) or someone else, these health-supporting tools are perfect and I’ll tell you why…


doTerra Essential Oils
Essential oils can be used for a WIDE variety of health-related reasons.  In our house, we regularly use:

  • Lavender daily before bed for restful sleep
  • Peppermint, lavender and lemon as a combo for seasonal allergy support or as standalone to get rid of headaches, for cooking and to boost energy
  • OnGuard as a non-toxic cleaning solution, to get rid of workout clothes stank and to fight off the common cold or virus

The best thing about essential oils is that a little bit goes a long way, giving this gift greater value than what you might expect at first glance. 

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Pack
Castor oil packs were a critical part of healing my Hashimotos, mold illness and weight loss journey for years now, and I continue to use one regularly to maintain the results I’ve seen.  Castor oil packs may not sound sexy but they are life-changing!  This is the perfect gift for you or loved ones who struggle with bloating, constipation, hormone imbalance and pain.

I use my castor oil pack at least 3 times a week to reduce inflammation, support proper digestion, balance hormones, reduce stress levels and boost detoxification.  Whatever your health goals are, or healthy actions you are taking, castor oil packs can help you 10 X the results!

LMNT Electrolytes
Talk about a great incentive to drink more water and an awesome hydrating cocktail mixer all in one.  LMNT electrolytes are part of my daily routine and an essential element to my prolonged 72-hour fasts to ensure my body is always hydrated so it can function optimally and I can feel great.  Plus, their fun, natural flavors can be mixed with club soda to make a magnificent mocktail or margarita with a splash of tequila.  The majority of people are walking around dehydrated without even knowing it.

These are the perfect stocking stuffers to boost hydration and promote more energy, weight loss, hormone balance and more!

Plus right now you can get a FREE 8-sample pack + shipping through December 31st!

Pique Tea
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received tea as a gift, and not to sound unappreciative but my only wish is that it would have been tea that was actually good for me.  Pique tea is 100% organic and triple screened for pesticides, heavy metals and molds to make sure it’s of the highest quality (if you didn’t know, tea can be highly contaminated with toxins!).  Aside from being super high quality, Pique tea is also jam packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients to boost energy, balance blood sugar and heal your gut.

One of the best features of this tea brand is that the tea comes in powder form so there’s no messy tea bag or steeper, they can be mixed in cold or hot water, and they are easy to travel with.

Shrub Farm Mocktail Mix
This is one of my all-time favorite healthy treats and alcoholic drink alternatives.  Shrub Farm mixes use raw apple cider vinegar made from 100% organic apples and flavors straight from the island of Maui such as ginger, pineapple and hibiscus.  If you or your health-conscious loved ones are looking to reduce or abstain from alcohol, these mocktail mixes are a must have!

Plus you can get  15% off your purchase with discount code FEEL15 through December 6th!

Vital Proteins Gut Healing Goodness
Vital Proteins makes a wide variety of collagen products to help heal your gut or keep it happy.  Not only does collagen support gut health, but it also promotes younger looking skin, and strong, thick nails and hair.  Some of my favorite and staple Vital Proteins products include their plain flavored collagen peptides, matcha collagen and collagen coffee creamers.  Why does this make the perfect gift?  Because who doesn’t want younger looking skin, better digestive health and luscious locks of hair!

BeautyCounter Skin & Body Products
Every year I get some kind of beauty, skin or body care product from someone; a bar of soap, lotion, eye makeup or even perfume.  And just like tea, I wish the products were good for me but most of the time they aren’t; so they go right into the trash after the holidays.  But with BeautyCounter products you can’t go wrong.  

This product line is a foundation in our household.  All of my skincare and makeup products are from BeautyCounter, and my husband even uses their men’s line.  Aside from being a cleaner, safer skin and body-care line, BeautyCounter is also a B-Corporation, meaning they support nonprofits that align with their mission, and invest in a cleaner future by partnering with leading scientists in the search for safer ingredients that will make up the better products for tomorrow.

You can grab individual items or full skincare sets for great gifts!

SaunaSpace Infrared Sauna
This is the ultimate gift! Think deep relaxation and an in-home spa experience for you and/or your loved ones.  We bought a sauna a few years ago. Between my husband and I, it gets used every day if not twice a day.  An infrared sauna is like having a personal spa escape in your home, where you can checkout and boost your health at the same time.  And unlike most infrared saunas, SaunaSpace ones also protect you from harmful EMF’s while you restore and relax.  

If an infrared sauna isn’t in your budget, check out their photon lights and their special health effects!


That wraps it up for my healthy holiday gift guide for 2020 so you can have a healthier 2021.

And remember when you question whether you should buy these things for yourself or someone else…

…your health is something you’ll have for the rest of your life, and in order to make the most out of the rest of your life you need your health.

Happy Holidays, and make sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook for my 12 Days of Healthy Hormone Hacks series starting December 12th so you can feel great after the holidays instead of fat, tired and sick 😉




Why I’m grateful for you [quick video]

Message of Gratitude - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

I wanted to pop by your inbox really quickly today to share two messages of gratitude with you in celebration of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and the holiday season as we wrap up 2020.

My two messages for you are…

  1. Why I’m grateful for you specifically
  2. How you can find gratitude in your health and life experiences to create better health, more wealth and happiness

Watch this quick video to hear my messages for you today.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season wherever you are in the world!

Check out these awesome holiday deals too! 

Black Friday – Vital Proteins

Vital-Proteins-Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides have helped heal my gut, improve digestion and increase absorption of nutrients to ultimately reverse Hashimotos and heal from mold illness.  Collagen peptides provide the amino acids necessary in order for the body to repair the intestinal lining when damage occurs.  Vital Proteins Plain Collagen Peptides are flavorless and can be added to your everyday drinking water for a powerful healing punch.  

My favorite way to get in my peptides every day is a Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen Latte!

  • Matcha Green tea has a natural anti-inflammatory effect
  • Collagen peptides help to heal the gut or keep it healthy
  • Full fat coconut milk nourishes hormones, balances blood sugar and boosts energy

Click here to get up to 35% off Vital Proteins Collagen options

Black Friday – Shop AIP Sale!

Shop AIP

Shop AIP’s online store is my go-to spot for autoimmune paleo protocol friendly foods.  Black Friday through Cyber Monday products are up to 20% off AND you can get an additional 15% off when you spend $100 or more with code GOBBLE15.

Click here to get up to 35% off with code GOBBL15 Friday through Monday

Black Friday – Infrared Sauna Sale!

Sauna Space Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

Want to relax, heal, restore and detox all at the same time in the comfort of your own home?  Then you need an infrared sauna!  I love my infrared sauna – it’s like my mini oasis where I can escape the outside world, meditate or just read a good book while doing my body some good.  Sauna Space’s sauna systems are especially close to my heart because they protect you from the health harming EMF’s that most other saunas expose you to, and for the holidays they have some sweet deals!  Grab a great deal on the gift of health for you or a loved one this weekend…

  • 20% Black Friday Discount NOW 11/26 – 11/27
  • 10% Discount, Saturday-Sunday 11/28 – 11/30

Click here to get yourself a great infrared sauna deal!



Release fear and live!

Release Fear and Live - Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

When I was diagnosed with skin cancer, the first feeling I had was fear.  Fear that I would die.  Fear of not knowing when, or how often the cancer would reappear.  Fear of not being able to be outdoors and do the things that I love the most.  Fear that I would forever have to bath in the disgusting smell of sunscreen for the rest of my life.

When I found out I had Hashimotos (an autoimmune thyroid disorder) fear again was the first thing that came to mind.  Fear of what I had done to my body. Fear of being a fraud as a functional health practitioner. I should have known better.  Fear of the long journey I had ahead to get my health back.  

Fear can be paralyzing.

Fear paralyzed me at first.  I beat myself up for weeks, letting my inner critic get the best of me.  I had my own little pity party and no one was invited but me.  Once I released the fear of my situations, I was able to push forward and heal.

Obviously I didn’t die from cancer if I’m writing this email.  I’ve been cancer-free for over 10 years now.  

And I was in remission with Hashimotos just 6 months after being diagnosed.

Both of my health scares have led me to be an even more successful functional health practitioner, AND live a more fulfilling life!

I spend days basking in the sun, traveling and for the most part, living my best life without a care in the world. 

When we face fear, we let go of old stories that have been holding us back. 

I had to let go of the stories I told myself about my health in order to move forward.  I had to face the fear of changing my lifestyle in order to truly discover my ideal health and weight.   

If I don’t have a drink at dinner what will my friends think?

I don’t want to cause a scene if I don’t have the wine and cheese.

I don’t want to be “that” person at the table asking for a gluten-free menu.

I don’t want to test my hormones because I’m afraid of changes I might have to make.

What if I’ve screwed up my chances to get pregnant.

If I don’t do it myself, it won’t get done. 

These are real fears that either myself, or my clients, have faced.  Any of them sound familiar?

Fear can control our thoughts and ability to heal.  

Fear can keep you stuck in an unhealthy state of mind and/or being.  Finding a way to release fear is the first step in taking back your health and your power.

In this week’s video and blog, I want to help you release fear so you can live your best life and feel like yourself again or for the very first time.

To be fearless in your health is to believe that no matter what comes your way you will find a way to thrive.

To be fearless in your mind is to be brave and bold in your thoughts and actions.

Fear has a positive intention for all of us.  It keeps us safe and brings our attention to where it is needed most.  It’s an instinct we’ve used since the beginning of time for survival, but in our modern day world instead of leaning into it for the valuable clues it holds, we feel ashamed and hide. 

Learning how to harness your fear, to make it work for you instead of against you, is one of the ways you can overcome any health challenge you might be facing and live a more fulfilling life.

Fear can control your thoughts and your ability to heal.  

It’s a low vibrational feeling or energy that has been shown to strongly correlate with autoimmune conditions, parasites, bacteria and yeast overgrowth and other chronic conditions. 

Aside from bringing your mood down, negative thoughts can also trigger the release of toxic bio-chemicals in the body disrupting its natural state of balance. 

Changing your routine or way of being to support your health can seem scary because the unknown is scary for your programmed brain.  The most primal part of our brain will have us repeat the same things over and over again because the outcomes are predictable, even if the actions aren’t best for us.  

This is the same phenomenon that occurs when people rebound back to bad relationships or habits, it’s not healthy but the primitive part of your brain knows it’s survivable making it seem easier to repeat a routine even if it’s no longer serving you. 

When you face the fear, you let go of the old stories that have been holding you back from being your best self, and you naturally improve your health.

So how do you release fear and live life to the fullest?

When you feel tightness, a stressful wave or heaviness, give yourself 3 minutes to identify the underlying concern and clear it out using these 3 steps:

  • What is my fear in this situation?
  • What is my truth?
  • Act on that truth.

This shifts your course and allows you to create a new path leaving the old, outdated routines and fear behind. 

Healthy is a way of being, not just doing

You can “do” all of the healthy things…

Eat healthy
Exercise regularly
Get good sleep
Take supplements
Meditate, deep breath, etc. 

But if you’re letting fear run your life, you’ll always feel like you are swimming against the current trying to get results and as if nothing is working. 

I have also found that running the right lab tests to find the missing pieces of your health puzzle and getting objective data to give you direction in regards to diet, rest, exercise, supplementation and toxin removal to be hugely helpful in releasing fear about the unknown so you can confidently move forward.

This has proven to be true in overcoming my own health issues.  When diagnosed with skin cancer and Hashimotos, I immediately dove into doing functional lab testing to uncover all of my healing opportunities and to create a personalized health-building program.

When I share test results with clients, they commonly say receiving their test results was like Christmas, a gift of clues that gives them clarity by showing them all of the possibilities they have to heal and feel like their best self too.

Releasing fear is one of the energetic keys to thriving with any health, weight or energy issue. 

What fear(s) are you ready to release today?  

Let me know below for some accountability to live your best life!