Your personal liver health plan of action to fight toxicity…

Do you wake up exhausted in the morning, despite getting 8 hours of sleep (and want to crawl back under your blanket the second you open your eyes?)

Are you tired of battling bloating, constipation, or diarrhea (or both!), and cramping?

Do you have so many food sensitivities that your “safe” foods can be counted on two hands?

If you have constant digestive issues, fatigue, inflammation, challenges with weight and hormones, or brain fog, your liver may need some support.

We are bombarded with more environmental toxins and industrial chemicals daily than ever before.

Since the 1940s, over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND toxic chemicals have been released into our environment. Could you imagine taking on 100,000 new tasks without any extra pay or hours in the day? That’s basically what we have asked our livers to do.

The reality is, unless you take action, your liver and detox system just can’t keep up.

Your liver is the powerhouse for not only detoxification but also digestion, conversion of thyroid hormone, excretion of excess estrogen, blood sugar balance, and so much more!

For example, 20% of thyroid hormone T4 relies on the liver to be converted to T3, so there is certainly a huge healing opportunity here if you are already suffering from a thyroid imbalance, or even if you’re trying to prevent one.

To help your liver function optimally these days, you need targeted lifestyle and supplement strategies.

This is especially important for the liver and gallbladder because toxins can actually get trapped in the bile, become encased in cholesterol (causing high cholesterol levels!), and form gallstones leading eventually to gallbladder removal!

Did you know that 80% of women over the age of 40 have toxic, sluggish bile?

25% of Americans have a non-alcoholic fatty liver.

In the United States alone, 750,000 gallbladders are removed per year.

Even conventional medicine acknowledges the frequency and severity of gallstones: 21% of adults will experience them in their lifetime (and that’s an older statistic… in reality, it’s much higher!)

The good news is… there are ways to address this and take charge of your health.

And this is exactly what my dear friend and colleague Sinclair Kennally recently covered in her recent Masterclass.

Click here to catch her Liver Detox Masterclass Encore On February 20th!

Sinclair is the co-founder of Detox Rejuvenation, and someone I have personally worked with to guide me through deeper detox strategies to help me get rid of mold, metals, hidden parasites, and other toxins to obtain even better health.

The collection of wisdom and experience she has in this area is unmatched by any I’ve seen before. As someone who has personally overcome chronic illness and helped thousands of others, she has so much to offer.

Working with Sinclair has been a huge compliment to the work I do as a Functional Health Professional by helping me not only take my own health to the next level so I can serve my clients better but also by expanding the lens I look through, and the modalities used to help others heal on a deeper level.

Shortly after starting her liver support and detox protocols, I no longer experienced cyclical breast tenderness, was able to shed stubborn weight, and feel the benefits of clearing out toxins from old mold exposures.

In the Masterclass Encore, you’ll hear Sinclair explain:

  • Why typical detox approaches are outdated and what to do instead
  • What’s really going on in the world impacting your detox pathways and your health
  • How you can take guided, targeted action with their Rapid Liver Reset program

I can’t stress enough how important taking care of your liver is given the impacts of our modern-day world. 

This masterclass is for anyone, from the sensitive folks recovering from chronic illness to the powerhouses who want to optimize their health.

Click here to catch her Liver Detox Masterclass Encore February 20th and please share this with your friends and family to help them support their liver and best health too!

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