It’s time for a #KNEWSTORY for healthcare…

It’s time for a new health story when it comes to healthcare…and it all starts with you!

I got into the functional health coaching business because of people like me and you.

Because we are busy professionals, yet health-minded.

Because we have been told we look perfect on paper by our doctors, but didn’t feel like our former energetic healthy self that we once knew, and struggle to find the reason why.

Because we’ve been given this pill for that and it never ultimately solved our health issue. It only provided a bandaid for it.

Because we wanted to find the missing pieces to our health so we could finally get back to feeling like ourselves again (or for the very first time!).

In these ways, you and I are not alone.

Every single client I have worked with, or person I’ve had a consultation with, has felt this in some way or experienced this, too.

Often times we find ourselves stuck in the “cycle of trial and error,” as my mentor and the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Reed Davis says.

The cycle of trial and error is when we go from one doctor, specialist or practitioner to another, spending lumps of money, looking for a complete solution to our biggest health complaints only to get one disconnected piece of information at a time that leaves us feeling confused, exhausted or financially drained with little to no actual relief.

It’s easy to wind up stuck in the cycle of trial and error when…

  • You solely rely on resources only provided by health insurance
  • You don’t take a stand for your health and demand better
  • You’re in denial about the lifestyle changes that potentially need to be made to improve your health

It’s time to write a new story about your health and healthcare.

One that includes feeling educated and empowered to ask your doctor the right questions to get the answers you are looking for.

One that includes acknowledging the changes that might need to be made to support your health, and taking responsibility for yourself and your health.

One that includes health insurance coverage or reimbursements for unconventional types of testing, treatments and therapies that actually help to prevent or reverse disease.

In this week’s video and blog I share with you how we can come together to write a new story for the future of our health and healthcare.




In the book Unconventional Medicine, Chris Kresser outlines some of the major shortcomings in our current approach to health and healthcare.  When it comes to healthcare some of the biggest shortcomings include:

  • Misaligned incentives between insurance companies and patient needs
  • Big Pharma’s influences on the types of healthcare solutions being provided
  • Bias in medical research sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and conflicts of interest
  • Broken payment models based on treatments that are not necessarily the most effective or supported by current evidence based research

When it comes to health, Kresser points out three deeper reasons why healthcare in many parts of the world is doomed to fail eventually…

  1. The modern day diet and lifestyle are not aligned with our genes and biology
  2. The modern medical approach is not designed to address chronic disease
  3. The current medical model doesn’t support interventions that would have the biggest impact on prevent or reversing disease, and lowering overall cost long-term

The simple fact is that our healthcare system is designed to address acute ailments and emergency situations, not to prevent chronic disease which continues to be on the rise and the leading causes of death.

We have to demand change for our health, for ourselves and future generations.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the KNEW Health Vision Tour in San Diego, where a group of functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, health coaches and health-minded individuals gathered to help spark the change and create a movement.

Each and every one of us at that event was initially inspired to get involved in functional medicine in some way because we had either experienced or witnessed a transformational health story.

A transformational health story which involved…

  • Thinking unconventionally to find health solutions
  • Taking a stand for adequate healthcare and not settling for less
  • Focusing on improving diet and lifestyle to promote better health
  • Tapping into community, spirituality and a team of health professionals for support
  • And having to pay cash to access the right lab tests and resources to find the missing pieces to the health puzzle

The first moment I knew I needed a new health story was when I was diagnosed with skin cancer, which wasn’t hereditary, at the early age of 25 and my doctor didn’t have a good explanation as to why.

I changed my story by doing my own research, seeking out alternative testing and resources, and changing my lifestyle, and now I’ve been skin cancer free for 10 years.

My health story had to change once again a little over 3 years ago when my weight got out of control, my hormones went on the fritz, and all doctors or specialists could tell me was that I was getting older, maybe I had gained muscle or to “keep an eye on it.”

I changed my health story again by becoming my own health detective, running functional lab testing, connecting with others who had experienced this too, and by investigating environmental factors such as toxic mold which were creating chaos inside my body.  As a result, I’ve lost weight, I have zero hormonal issues and I’m in remission for Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune thyroid disorder).

Today I encourage you to start writing a new health story for yourself.

One that tells the tale of your journey, how you’ve overcome obstacles, and one that portrays the health you desire to have.

You can share your story and join the movement for better health and healthcare that Knew Health has created by:

  1. Recording a 60 second video on your smartphone starting with “the moment I knew…”
  2. Share it along with me on social media with hashtag #KNEWSTORY
  3. Pass it on or help a friend share their #KNEWSTORY too

For ideas on what to share…

The moment I knew…

… health doesn’t come from a pill
… my doctor wasn’t listening
… I needed to take a different path
… that my food impacts my health
… I couldn’t get well alone
… my thoughts affect my health

Always remember you are not alone, even though it might feel like it.  Your current health story or situation is like so many others. You always have a choice or chance to change it.

P.S. If you need help getting your hands on the right lab tests and resources to find the missing pieces to your health puzzle so you can get back to feeling like yourself again, schedule a complimentary Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session with me today here!

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