Your body needs you [now]


Can I make a wild claim? If I had to guess…

You eat food every day, right?

Of course you do. People always ask me how I’ve achieved the success in my life and health, and honestly…sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I forget about the holistic lifestyle I’ve cultivated and how it continues to power me up because it’s just part of my normal now. 

The truth is, in the beginning it is challenging but the more choices you make that are supportive for your health the easier it gets as you start to build what I call negative and positive feedback loops.

When you choose foods or habits that lift you up, give you energy and make you feel great, it’s easier to remember to choose them.  These are the positive feedback loops.

And when you make food or habit choices that bring you down IF you pause to reflect on how it affects your body, you’ll clearly see it’s not worth it and build negative feedback loops – a remembrance of how yucky it felt making it easier to not make the same choice again!

We only get one body and every choice you make is a chance to build or breakdown health.

You have the same toes from when you were born, and they’ll be the same toes you put socks on at the end of your life.

So today I’m sharing with you 6 reasons why you may not be building the type of health and life you want…

#1- You’re overwhelmed with choices.
Did you know there’s something like 3,500 health-related searches on Google— per second? No wonder so many people don’t know what to trust or take action on.

#2- Your unconscious bad habits.
You just don’t know what you don’t know.  Weight management is holistic, stress states do matter and sleep is WAY more important than you think!

My friend Mia once told me a story of a client – a successful yoga teacher (mindful, connected, love-centered) lost her relationship, place to live, and work location overnight it seemed. She’d put on a mini-belly and was so confused; nothing with food changed so why was she putting on pounds?

If you think health is separate from your work, from how you show up online, from how you are with your family — you’re mistaken! It’s the unconscious bad habits that breakdown your body and health over time.

#3- Peer pressure
At the end of the day, WHY you want the body transformation is personal to you. If you’re not courageously standing up for yourself (ordering foods that are right for you instead of worrying about what others will think) then I’m not surprised, it’s tough to be brave but it’s what your body needs. It won’t work if you don’t root it into your identity.

#4- You’ve told yourself other parts of life are more important
My health isn’t as important as ________ (family, work, relationships, you fill in the blank). I’ve seen so many people live this flip-flopped way. If you agree that this one body is all you have…then the situations you bring your body into (that YES are important, urgent, and support your livelihood) need the best brain power, mood and energy. Sure…. you can be 100% ready on the big day, but is it 100% of only 45% of your optimal health potential?

#5- You’ve built it up in your head – “being healthy” is a burden
Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.  We’re all human. It’s our humanness that makes us strong, resilient and over-stimulated by our modern world. Taking on a new thing is just too much work — have you felt this way? Guess what? Prioritizing your health, preventing your body from disease, and hacking your body for more energy and less stress is  the FOUNDATION that makes all other work less hard or stressful.

#6- Nobody told you to think about how food travels through your body
Lastly, have you taken the time to think about your relationship to food? Do you check in with your energy after eating? Do you know what foods lift you up and which one brings you down?  Do you make time for your body to actually digest and metabolize your food so you can get all the benefits it holds for you or are you moving through life so fast that you’re inhaling food every chance you get?  

All of this understanding changed my life.

Do you see how some of these could hold you back?

Do you see how overcoming them would get you powerful results?

Are you even more stressed because now you know what’s holding you back… You don’t know how to:

  • rethink your approach to drop pounds
  • choose foods that make digestion better and balanced
  • google research and take the time to figure out your body and optimal nutrition choices.

You’re not alone. I continue to see a growing need for this…

Imagine if you didn’t have to google your way to getting health results specific to your body.

Imagine if you didn’t have to cross your fingers that the method that worked for a friend will work for you.

Imagine if there was a team of advisors at your free disposal to tell you:

  • how you could think about health more productively
  • what foods can get you faster results
  • what essential ways of being make dropping pounds and increasing your energy really successful no matter your desired result, background, orientation or age.

I’m so grateful and honored to be chosen as one of your expert advisors for The Well Fed Warrior 10-day Virtual Weight-loss and Detoxification Experience happening Thursday, May 21st through Sunday, May 31st 2020. 

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Firewave Wellness creator and host Mia Sarno have made this 10-day experience a hilarious and energizing lens on health…so that you can get the results you really want.

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I don’t share it, often but like I said in the beginning…I think about what’s going on in my body, mind and soul every day — it’s where I operate from. Every time I teach you, every time I wake up excited to share with you, I’ve considered my health. 

This is a unique view of me that will support you for a lifetime. Mia is the most loving, connected, enthusiastic —dare I say comedic— holistic wellness educator I know. I promise you’ll enjoy every minute of this experience with us.

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