3 common practitioner pitfalls [and solutions]

I’ll admit, it took me a while to figure out how to find ideal clients, confidently enroll them, and build financial stability in my business.

In the beginning, I thought I was doing the right thing by creating personalized packages to address a person’s specific symptoms and budget.

However, this led to a lot of disorganization and overwhelm that took up a ton of my time. It distracted me from not only doing things to help me get more clients but also from being fully present with the clients I had.

Instead of presenting myself as the expert, I essentially was an order-taker.

And ultimately, I wasn’t getting the best results in my business or with clients.

So I decided to give packages a try by adopting the 90-day and 6-month program approach taught in just about every business training out there.

However, the confidence in my new programs was quickly crushed every time I enrolled the wrong client who wasn’t compliant and when I realized my packages weren’t meeting my ideal client’s needs.

The wrong clients I enrolled either ghosted me or exhausted me.

The ideal clients I enrolled in these timeframe-specific programs ended up needing more than 90 days or even 6 months sometimes.

As a Functional Health Practitioner or Coach running lab tests, you know you can’t always predict exactly what will come back on lab test results or how long it will take a person to feel better.

For example, if a stool test comes back with a variety of pathogens, the protocol to address them could be anywhere from 2-6 months or longer.

I felt terrible selling clients into a timeframe-specific program that wasn’t getting them to the end of their protocol and the transformation I had promised during the consultation.

This is when I decided to break free from the typical approach to niching and packages in order to fit my clients’ needs, increase my confidence, work more efficiently and elevate my income.

Learning from my mistakes is what helped me build a step-by-step solution for supporting a multiple 6-figure health business that helps heal hundreds of people while working less and taking better care of myself.

These are the 3 most common pitfalls that I fell into, learned from, and now have helped thousands of other Functional Health Practitioners and Coaches break free of too, so they can save time, have a greater impact in the world, and make more money…

Pitfall #1 – Helping Everyone
As the marketing saying goes, “when you try to help everyone, you’re helping no one.”

I get it. You’re a heart-centered health practitioner or coach who has the knowledge and tools to help heal all types of people and health problems, so the idea of niching down brings up a lot of resistance.

I also resisted the idea of niching down when I first started my health business.  I thought…“But I can help everyone”

What most functional health practitioners and coaches don’t realize is that nailing a niche is critical to developing every other aspect of your business, including your website, packages, programs, social media content, and so much more!

Similar to how test results guide health improvement recommendations, your niche does the same thing for all components of your business.

The truth is, without a niche, your marketing efforts will miss the mark, you’ll attract clients who don’t show up or aren’t invested in the work, and you’ll quickly find yourself in burnout.

THE SOLUTION: Applying the non-traditional approach to niching that I’m teaching in a LIVE Business Workshop on June 9th that will liberate you! When I finally did this, my business took off!

Pitfall #2 – Custom Packages
This is a no-brainer, given the part of my story that I shared with you already. Creating custom packages for every client that walks through your practice door only leads to disorganization and overwhelm.

It’s like reinventing the wheel every time you enroll a client, making it impossible to establish a workflow process that you and your client can follow.

It eats up your time with measly administrative tasks and distracts you from doing the more important things in your business and with your clients.

Instead, establish yourself as the expert and create concise packages aligned with who your niche is and the transformation they are looking for. Don’t just be an order-taker, because clients are coming to you looking for someone who can confidently give them a plan.

When you embrace your niche, you will attract a common person with common problems who needs similar solutions, giving you the foundation to work more efficiently (aka free up time, help more people and make more money!)

THE SOLUTION: Create package offerings based on the series of labs you would want every single ideal client to do and the set of topics you know you’ll need to address in order to get results. This is what some would call your “signature system.”

Not sure how to do this? I’ll also be teaching this in the LIVE Business Workshop on June 9th.

Pitfall #3 – Timeframe Specific 1:1 Programs
Your work as a Functional Health Practitioner or Coach is unique and your client cases are too.  Your clients have already been shoved in various healthcare and alternative therapy boxes that didn’t meet their needs.

Your clients need someone who can meet them where they are at, guide them along the healing journey, and see them to the end. Trying to predict and fit all of that into a 90-day or 6-month window isn’t always going to work.

THE SOLUTION: Give yourself the flexibility to give them the support, accountability, and guidance that they need to get results and give you a shining testimonial.

Creating 1:1 programs based on a total number of sessions allows you to meet with the client more frequently in the beginning when they need it, and less towards the end as they become more comfortable and compliant doing the work.

This also gives you the flexibility to see them through whatever the lab test results might throw at you, and it creates space in your calendar to always be able to handle a steady flow of clients rolling in without burning out, so you can make a healthy income doing what you love!

I’ll expand more on this and even walk you through a template for packaging and pricing yourself efficiently and profitably in the upcoming LIVE Business Workshop on June 9th.

I know when you move past these pitfalls, your business will really get going and growing just like mine did!

Over the years, I spent over $20K on business trainings, trying to sort things out to build my health business.

I always found myself having to reinvent what I was taught because what we do as Functional Health Practitioners and Coaches is different from the typical coach or other industries.

So let me save you time and money by walking you through the exact steps and tools I have personally used, and taught thousands of other health professionals, to build a wildly successful multi-6-figure health consulting practice!

On June 9th I’m leading an interactive LIVE Business Accelerator Workshop for just $299 ($700 savings when you enroll by tomorrow/June 3rd).

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In this live and interactive workshop, you will:

  • Nail your niche with clarity and confidence
  • Develop a core message to attract ideal clients
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