How to easily enroll ideal clients

Did you know your most powerful marketing tool is at your fingertips and it doesn’t cost a thing?

Or that packaging and pricing yourself right will boost your enrollment confidence, and consistently produce steady income results?

I didn’t realize these things right away either.

It took one failed attempt after another, many uncomfortable enrollment calls, and a lot of grinding away for me to finally figure out how to easily enroll ideal clients without “selling.”

It’s easy to get swept away and overwhelmed with all of the things you think you should be doing to find and enroll clients:

  • Working on your website
  • Spending time on social media
  • Figuring out Facebook Ads
  • Watching every online summit, webinar, or training offered

But contrary to what you might think or what others say, you don’t need a fancy website, Facebook Ads, social media, more clinical education, or any shiny tools to find and enroll clients.

I started my health business without any of those things, and while I might have a website and social media presence now, there have been three simple keys that have contributed to my entire business’s success.

The three keys, aka Cs, to consistently finding and enrolling clients are:

  1. Sharing a CLEAR core marketing message
  2. Offering CONCISE packages with confidence
  3. Being CONSISTENT and persistent

On May 25th at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET, I am hosting a special LIVE business training to give you the details of this step-by-step process that makes marketing and attracting your ideal clients easy!


In this business training you will learn:

  • The #1 most powerful marketing tool at your fingertips that doesn’t cost you a thing
  • Packaging strategies to attract ideal clients and boost your confidence during consultations
  • How to create a consistent marketing presence that leads to easy program enrollments

And while you’re waiting for the live training, here are some insights about the 3 C’s to help you start applying them right now…

#1 – Share a CLEAR core marketing message.
Your story is your most valuable marketing tool, right at your fingertips, and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

It is also the backbone of your core marketing message. Within your own health journey story (or a loved one’s), you will find the attributes of your ideal client; who they are, what they struggle with, what solutions they want, and where they spend their time, so you know what to say in your marketing and where to focus your marketing efforts for the biggest return on your investment.

Your journey has perfectly prepared you to help the people you are meant to help.

So instead of spending endless hours researching scientific facts and topics, simply start sharing pieces of your story to easily attract your clients.

The basic formula for writing a blog or social media post using your story goes something like this…

I’ll never forget when (insert struggle moment)
Then I figured out how to (insert solution)
And now I feel/have (insert what they want, i.e. energy, weight loss, etc.)
If you want to feel/have (what they want) too, then click here/comment/reply to (insert call to action to engage, i.e. schedule a discovery call, read the rest of the blog, drop an emoji)

People want to engage with real people and your story helps to create that personal connection. If you are sharing content you THINK you should be sharing instead of what comes naturally to you, it will be out of alignment with your ideal client, it will feel hard, and you won’t get any engagement.

#2 – Offer CONCISE packages with confidence.
Once you’re sharing a clear core marketing message, the next step to easily enroll clients is to make sure you present concise packages with confidence.

If your packages aren’t easy to understand or you lack confidence when presenting them, this will almost instantly repel a potential client.

Remember, these people are coming to you overwhelmed, with brain fog, and needing an expert to show them the way.

When you establish yourself as the expert and present your packages in a way that is easy to understand, you will instantly build the trust and rapport needed for someone to invest in themselves and you.

#3 – Be CONSISTENT and persistent.
Just when you think no one is watching or listening, they are. Health is one of, if not the most, vulnerable topics for someone to engage in, especially when they have been dismissed in the past like so many of our clients have been.

A person needs to feel safe, secure, and heard in order to trust you with their health.

Marketing research shows it takes a MINIMUM of 20 touchpoints and upwards of 500 before someone becomes a customer (aka client).

Being consistent and persistent in your marketing is how you can build a relationship and trust with potential clients over time so that when they are ready, willing, and able to change their health, you’re the person they will turn to.

According to my personal business stats, someone is on my email list for an average of 6 months before they become a client.

Whether you’ve been putting yourself out there and struggling to get clients, or haven’t started at all, these three Cs will help you find and enroll ideal clients in a way that feels not only easy but also fun and not salesy at all!

Everything I do in my business comes back to these three C’s. They can be applied anywhere you’re trying to market yourself or to any type of program you’re trying to offer.

Get detailed LIVE training with me on these concepts on May 25th at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET., so you can easily find and enroll ideal clients consistently!

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