3 Rituals to Boost Your Energy

Sacred Rituals have been the cornerstone of civilizations for millennia but seem to have lost their place in our modern western society.

In hidden parts of the world where indigenous people still live off the land, we can see where sacred rituals still exist and how these rituals help them thrive in what most of us would consider uninhabitable conditions.

They have rituals around when they wake up, when they do work and when they sleep according to the sun cycles.  They have rituals for farming and foraging for food. They have spiritual rituals connecting them to a higher purpose and medicinal rituals to prevent sickness.

Their rituals keep them healthy, connected to each other and with the earth.

These rituals are more important and powerful than you might think.

There was a time when I didn’t have any rituals in my life and I felt as if I was spiraling – I was easily overwhelmed, low on energy, everything seemed urgent, life felt dull, and I felt lost or alone sometimes.

Introducing modern and ancient rituals into my life has helped me not only reverse Hashimotos, restore hormone balance, heal from mold illness AND get my energy back but it’s also given me a greater sense of purpose and a feeling of being centered.

Here are the 3 rituals that have had the biggest impact on my energy, health and life…

Ritual #1 – Sun Syncing Sleep
Our bodies are wired to sleep when the sun goes down and to wake when it rises.  This wiring is what we call our circadian rhythm and it keeps your hormones in balance and all of your body systems running.  When you fall out of sync with the sun, your body systems fall out of sync too, leaving you feeling exhausted all the time no matter how many hours of sleep you get.

Developing a sleeping ritual according to the sun cycles will certainly give you a boost of energy!  Aim to be asleep by 10pm at least 5 nights a week and you’ll find yourself springing out of bed when the sun rises.

Ritual #2 – Holding Space
Your body can only heal in a relaxed state, but how often are you holding the space for that to happen?  In our fast-paced world, there isn’t much time to relax and even when you think you’re relaxing, you may not be because your mind is still buzzing or you’re watching something that’s getting you wound up.  Even low-grade stress from watching the news or worrying about what to make for dinner can pull you out of a relaxed state and interfere with your body’s ability to heal.

The quickest and most effective way to hit deep relaxation is through deep breathing.  When you adopt the deep rhythmic breathing patterns of a relaxed person, it automatically flips the switch in your brain to take you out of a stressed state and into a relaxed one.

Create a daily ritual around deep breathing, even if it’s only for a few minutes. The more space you can hold for your body to relax, the more it can heal or recover from daily activities so you can maintain a higher level of energy.

Ritual #3 – Consume Consciously
There’s a difference between eating healthy and eating right for your body.  Eating right for your body will incorporate healthy foods but not every healthy food is right for your body despite what you’ve read or been told. We can all agree that a banana is a healthy food but if you have a food intolerance to bananas or carbohydrates, that banana is doing more harm than good.  However, it’s hard to pick up on these subtle nuances about reactions to food or whether you’re full when your sipping down your smoothie on the way to work, scarfing down your lunch while you catch up on email or hustling to get through dinner and on to the next thing.

When you consume foods or beverages consciously, you’ll start to notice what robs you of energy and what gives you energy. Once you create this feedback loop, it will be SO MUCH easier to make choices that are in alignment with how you want to feel instead of feeling deprived.

Cultivate a ritual to check in with your body 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating to see if you feel satisfied, emotionally and physically balanced.  If you do great! And if you don’t, keep a record of what you ate to find correlations about what foods might be robbing you of energy.

I share more about the rituals that have boosted my energy and health in the show Return to Ritual with my good friend Amber Wientzen.

Amber’s show was inspired by her own curiosity and love for Sacred Rituals, and their powerful role in her healing journey too. I’m so honored to be a show guest. It was fascinating to see how parallel our journeys have been – going from grinding ourselves into the ground to healthy with purpose as a result of our personal rituals.

The show series is called Return of Ritual: How to invoke Sacred Ritual into our daily life to experience deeper peace, more heartfelt connection and profound personal and professional success!  

I hope you’ll listen to our interview for insights on how you can bring more rituals into your life so you can feel like your best self too!

Check out the interview here

ReturnOfRitual Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

This show is for anyone who has felt disconnected from their calling, wants to create more magic in their lives, wants to deepen their spiritual practice and revolutionize their healing journey. The work Amber is bringing into the world is something you won’t want to miss. Connecting back to our roots and invoking Sacred Ritual is something we need now more than ever!




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