3 ways to build business while vacationing…

I have a question for you?… Why did you become a Functional Health Professional?

Was it to…

Help more people on a deeper level?

Do work you were genuinely passionate about?

Resolve your own health issues or your loved ones?

Free up your time to focus on what really matters in life?

And all while making more money to give you the financial freedom and stability you desire?

I built a career as a virtual Functional Health Practitioner because the work I was doing before was making me feel fat, tired, and sick all the time.

The daily grind of long work hours, a high-stress work environment, and obsessively chasing the perfect body and work that wasn’t aligned with my soul’s desires contributed to hormone imbalances, digestive dysfunction, and a tapped-out immune system.

When one of my last employers fired me for showing up and leaving work early on Fridays to visit my terminally ill mother 6 hours away, I knew something had to change.

I wanted FREEDOM to…

  • Take better care of myself and improve my health
  • Be loved ones in good and bad times
  • Travel the world and pursue my heart’s desires

That’s when I finally decided to leave the corporate world and become a full-time Functional Health Practitioner so I could help more people on a deeper level while working less, making more money, and taking better care of myself.

Now through my virtual health coaching business, I’ve helped hundreds of other busy, health-minded professionals find the missing pieces to their health puzzle so they can also get back to feeling like themselves again and love their life.

And I’ve also helped hundreds of other Functional Health Professionals like YOU build a business that supports them personally and financially.

All while traveling the world and feeling like my best self.

Traveling is one of my primary passions.  It revitalizes my soul and brings me a ton of joy!  Both of which are essential for optimal health.

On average, I travel 9 weeks out of the year while maintaining a stable 6-figure business.

You’re probably wondering how in the world I’m able to travel so much and maintain a successful business…well I’m going to share my top 3 strategies for doing this.

In this week’s video and blog, I will show you 3 ways you can build business while vacationing so you can help more people while working less and taking better care of yourself.


When I finally decided to leave the corporate world I was determined to work 20 hours a week or less.  At the same time, I wanted to help as many people as possible find the missing pieces to their health puzzle so they too could get back to feeling like themselves again, the same as I did.

To support my love for travel and our household, I also needed this new career path to generate an income – not be a hobby.

It was a bumpy road at first but I quickly learned from my mistakes and perfected these 3 strategies to maintain a 6-figure business that freed up my time to travel the world.

#1 – Boost Enrollments to Float Your Vacation
Setting monthly revenue goals and then outlining the exact steps to reach them ensures you’ll hit your target.  When you know your revenue goal for the month, you can determine how many enrollment calls you’ll need to have in order to hit your goal, and you can plan this around your vacation time.

For example, last year I was traveling most of mid-late August. In order to reach my monthly revenue goal, I started promoting discovery calls to my email list towards the end of July to book as many enrollment calls in early August as needed to hit my target.

The result – I scheduled more discovery calls than I needed, and enrolled enough clients to hit my goal before my travel schedule took off.  This worked perfectly because once clients enroll, it takes 4-6 weeks for all of their lab results to come in and to schedule their first session.  

My Practitioners’ Business Management System automates their entire onboarding process giving me a 4-6 week window for travel before having to really do any work.

The income from these enrollments floated my business while on vacation so I could disconnect and have fun without stressing about money. 

Every month set a revenue goal and outline a client enrollment plan to hit it. Design your plan around travel and you’ll be set.

#2 – Price Yourself Right & Payment Plans
Here’s why step #1 works so well and easy for me…to reach my monthly revenue goal of $10K or more I only needed to enroll 2-3 clients – this isn’t a ton, right?  

When you value what you’re worth and methodically price your packages right, it’s easier to hit your monthly revenue goals.  As I always say, one-on-one packages are the fastest path to cash, and this proves to be true repeatedly. 

If you’re not hitting your revenue goals or feeling burnt out, I can almost guarantee you 1) aren’t valuing all of your time 2) aren’t packaging yourself right or both. 

With higher ticket programs I offer a 2 or 3-month payment plan and I love this because it creates a stream of income for the months to come! The accumulation of payment plan revenue helps me hit my monthly target.

To create financial stability with payment, make sure you:

  1. Collect enough in the first payment to cover initial time and costs incurred
  2. Collect payment in full before all services are rendered so you aren’t working for free

When you know your package prices and your monthly goal, you can calculate how many people you need to enroll, and reverse engineer that to figure out exactly how many enrollment calls you need to hit your goal!

#3 – Automate & Delegate Your Work
Honestly, all of this wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have systems in place to support my business.  Early on I realized if I wanted to help more people, work less and make more money then automation and delegation would be necessary.  I am only one person so eventually my time and energy would reach a limit.

Years ago, with the help of automation expert Michelle Bell, we created the Practitioners’ Business Management System – a custom health business system tailor to functional health practitioners who offer packages with a series of lab tests and appointments. 

I’ve automated and delegated as much as possible, from the point someone requests a discovery call on my website to the enrollment call taking place, and once payment is collected to onboard and track them through their program.  This saves me a TON of time. Essentially all I have to do is show up for their appointments and be present.

This automation and delegation also makes my potential or paying clients feel as if they are getting a personal touch and first-class experience all of the time – even when I’m off snorkeling the turquoise waters of Maui.  

Plus, building a relationship with them like this leads to easy enrollments and effortless referrals. 

Here’s the thing…it’s pointless to leave a previous career path to embark on another one that will heal yourself and others if it’s going to lead to burnout again.

I see way too many Functional Health Practitioners overworking themselves because they don’t have these 3 business-building strategies in place.  And in doing so, what kind of example are they setting for their clients by working long hours and not living their best life?

Travel is one of my passions that connects me with ideal clients – it’s something we have in common.

When they see posts about my travels on social media it gives them hope and serves as a testimony for what is possible for them too. It breaks down the walls of vulnerability, creates a conversation starter for engagement, and builds rapport to nurture them eventually onto my email list and an enrollment call.

I believe we have a responsibility as health professionals to lead by example for others.

What resources or support do you need in order to live your best life and be an example for your clients?

Comment with which of these would give you what you need:

  • Tools to find clients online and easily enroll them
  • Knowing how to package and price yourself right for financial stability
  • A system to help automate and delegate all of your business needs

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