Let’s talk hormones…

I get it.

Life is really hard when you are struggling with exhaustion — but you can’t sleep at night — you feel drained and your mental focus is gone.

You’re trying so hard to eat right and exercise, but… the weight keeps on climbing, and you’re still tired… And the worst part is your doctor does not have the answers.

You’re not alone.

I too was told for years I was the picture of perfect health on paper at my annual physicals, although I felt exhausted all the time, struggled to maintain my weight, and had seasonal allergies that grew worse every year.

For years I counted calories, tried diet after diet, and exercised excessively; yet I always felt tired and frustrated trying to shed pounds, just like so many of my clients…until I found the missing pieces of the puzzle.

There is a LOT more to health than diet and exercise.

The body is a complex network of systems that all need to be online working together for you to feel your best.  Some of these major systems include the:

  • Hormone
  • Immune 
  • Digestion 
  • Detoxification
  • Energy
  • Nervous

Let’s talk about hormones because they directly impact every other system of the body in a BIG way…

I’ve dealt with a variety of hormonal challenges throughout my life.

Right out of the gates, my cycle was a hot mess.  As a teen, I suffered from not only painful periods, but also wildly irregular ones.  This entry into womanhood started my 17-year abusive relationship with birth control.

I say “abusive” because I literally used the pill to control my body; to skip my period so I didn’t have to deal with it while doing damage I had no idea I was doing. All along, I was told by my doctors that it was safe and that it was okay to continue what I was doing.

Can you or at least one of the women in your life relate to this?

After years of skipping my period, I finally hit hormonal rock bottom when mold in our home stressed my hormones to their breaking point.  I put on 15 pounds, my face was riddled with cystic acne, my breasts were inflamed, my period went on for 12 days, and this hormone wildfire sparked Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

That’s when I finally got off of birth control in an effort to give my body a break and finally balance my hormones for real.

It wasn’t easy at first, but as time went by my body healed; my period was perfect, I had zero PMS, lost weight, regained my clear skin, and reversed my Hashimotos.

The minimal education we were given in high school or even college health classes about hormones doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you should know to be in control of your body, health, and weight.

That is why I was thrilled when I heard that Monika Szumilak was hosting an online Summit all around the topic of hormone health, which was actually born out of her research project on how people achieve hormone balance naturally.

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Like me, as a young girl, Monika was prescribed birth control pills, and shortly after her health started declining.  Fed up with feeling crappy, she set out on a quest to find answers so that she, and others, could feel the way nature intended: strong, energetic, and balanced.

Now, Monika has organized top-notch experts, including me, to talk about how to regain balance, and energy and fix the hormonal mess so many struggles with!

This is a great opportunity for you to get practical, actionable solutions to the hormonal mess you may be in.

This is something I wish I had back when I was trying to solve my energy and weight challenges to fast-track my results. That’s why I am so glad Monika is hosting this summit and I get to share it with you…

Click here to learn more about your Hormones for FREE!

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