Ditch the distractions to grow your business

It’s a new year and the perfect time to clear the clutter and pave the path for you to get organized and grow your health business!

It’s easy to distract yourself from stepping up in your business by continually taking courses, sitting in on every summit and webinar, or overthinking all the details.

I get it, I’ve been there and those things slowed me down too.

When I became a Functional Health Practitioner, I had some serious comparison paralysis going on. I thought in order to be successful and to make money, I had to have a big bold brand like Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness, Christa Orecchio from The Whole Journey, or Jordan and Steve from SCD Lifestyle.

I got sucked into the conversations on Facebook about nerdy science stuff that left me feeling like I didn’t know enough to really help clients get better.

And I watched other health practitioners soar to success on social media receiving tons of “likes” and comments, while I had none. It made me wonder what they had that I didn’t.

The truth was, I wasn’t ready to be the next big thing.

I simply wanted to see clients and create consistent cash flow in my business.

All that other stuff was just distracting me from getting crystal clear on what I wanted to create, how I wanted to serve my clients, and what unique qualities I brought to the table.

As soon as I started unsubscribing, unfollowing, and turning off notifications to create space for my vision and my business, it quickly started to take flight.

So to help you grow your business, what kind of clutter do you need to clear?

What distractions do you need to ditch right now so you can get down to business?

In this week’s video and blog, I share the 3 things I did to ditch the distractions and effectively grow my health business more.


One of the greatest forms of self-sabotage is procrastination. It’s easy to play small and keep putting off building your health business when you have an inbox full of other things that supposedly need your attention.

But I know you’ve got a dream to help hundreds if not thousands of people heal while making a good living and taking better care of yourself.

So it’s time to ditch the distractions and get down to business because…

You already know enough to help people. You can learn more as you go.

As Lisa Sasevich says, “You are meant for more!”

Mood follows action. When you take action, you’ll feel better about your business and take even more action!

And consistent action is the key to success!

So it’s time to take inventory and take action to ditch the distractions as I did for the next few weeks, while you work on building up your health business…

  1. Start filing away or unsubscribing from emails that clutter your inbox
  2. Hide people or turn off social media notifications if you find yourself getting sucked in or comparing
  3. Make a deal with yourself to NOT invest in any other summits or trainings, or contain it to an hour per week to stay focused until you reach a big business goal

As you take inventory, I also want you to notice and make note of:

  • What health coaches/professionals/mentors do you follow that you admire and aspire to be like one day?
  • What qualities do you admire about them that you can see in yourself?
  • Whose message, voice, and style do you like best?

Continue to follow these people only for right now. Observe what they do and how they do it. Make note of what you like and want to incorporate into your own business.

Why you might ask?

These will be some of your best teachers because the secret in their sauce is you.

You like and admire those people and their offerings because in some way you are their ideal client or follower. You are their niche.

And since a niche is a reflection of you, this means your ideal people will like some of the things they do too.

This is a form of target market research, giving you clues on what to create or how to show up in your own business to attract your ideal client as well!

To sum it up, ditching distractions will not only help you pave a path to getting shit done in your business, but it can also give you tools to nail your niche.

Now for some accountability…

What action are you willing to take from this advice, no matter how big or small, to help you grow your business?

Comment below to let me know!

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