#TBT I’ve Gained 7 Pounds

It’s crazy how much can happen in a year.  I was just doing some reflecting and came across this little gem – an email that I sent out last year about the 7 unexplained pounds I had gained.  Take a moment with me to walk down memory lane…

April 9, 2015

“My weight is always right on point, maybe fluctuating 1-2 pounds, even if I slip up here and there (hey no one is perfect!).  I don’t even believe in weighing myself but when my clothes just didn’t feel right I had to check the scale, and there it was- 7 POUNDS!

Over the last few months I’ve been feeling what I like to call a “little fluffy.”  That feeling when no matter what outfit you put on you just feel frumpy, you can see your muscles underneath the winter coat layer but a softer version, and you can grab a good chunk around the midsection and love handles.  I was definitely not myself.

No worries, I thought.  I’ve got this. I’m in the midst of my Spring cleanse and everything will go back to normal.

WRONG!  Two weeks in, I gained another pound!

Back to the drawing board…

  • Eating gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and alcohol free? Check.

  • Pushing my workouts to an intensity level of at least 8 out of 10?  Check.

  • Sleeping 10pm-6pm, and getting a sleep score average of 87-94 out of 100?  Check.

  • Keeping my stress in check?  Check.

  • Taking my supplements regularly?  Check.

  • Energy feels good and balanced? Check.

  • Pregnancy test (ladies you know you do this). Check, and negative!

So what gives?!  After racking my brain on all the usual suspects it was time to dig deeper.  I noticed some other abnormal characteristics about my health…I was easily irritable, had a few recent minor headaches and over the last 2 months, 2 separate skin rashes popped up and I NEVER get skin rashes.

It was time to put on my health detective hat and get to the root of the problem.

I ordered myself a stool sample test to check for potential internal stressors.  This is the ultimate test and changes the lives of many of my clients.  It’s like Pandora’s box- it has all the answers for weight gain, low energy, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, brain fog, etc. You name it, this test tells it.

Ten days later I get the news….Blastocysistic Hominis, E. Coli and Candida overgrowth…basically, I have a parasite, bacteria and fungus all having a party in my gut and I wasn’t invited.  They’ve been setting off cortisol fireworks and sidelining the rest of my hormones that keep my weight stable.

PHEW!  With just a little health detective work I was able to stop obsessing and start resolving the problem ASAP.”

In this week’s video I talk more about what I’ve done over the past year to get rid of those gut invaders, to get my gut back in gear and stabilize my weight.

Health coaches aren’t superhuman, we have stuff going on, too.  These buggers are opportunistic and are in our environment, so given the right chain of events anyone can get them.  Once I was able to identify them, I applied my systematic healing protocol to eradicate them.

Here I am, a year later and my gut is looking pretty clean.  I still have some mild bacteria to mop up and some good bacteria boosting to do.  But I haven’t had a single headache or skin rash since last Spring, and my weight has stabilized.  You can even check out my personal stool retest results here.

Parasites, bacteria and fungus can cause a variety of health issues. Everything from carb and sugar cravings to teeth grinding, headaches, skin rashes, weight gain and joint pain.

If you have unexplained weight gain and/or other health issues and want to investigate it further then my Get Your Gut In Gear program is just what you need!

I recently extended enrollment for my gut program until 5/3!

In this program you’ll get to investigate your gut health, just like I did, and learn to heal yourself from the inside out using the same strategic healing protocol that I use on myself and with my clients.

I’ve extended the enrollment for this program until Tuesday, May 3rd but after that the doors close for good until next year- and there are only 10 spots available.

Get all the details and grab your spot here!- Get Your Gut In Gear!

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