Activate and Upgrade Your Healing Process!

We don’t give ourselves enough credit in general, especially when it comes to being able to heal ourselves.  We are often our worst critic and place the power of healing in the hands of others who have no idea what it’s like to be inside our body, our mind and they certainly haven’t lived our life.

What we also don’t realize is, any kind of sickness or illness is a lifestyle disease.

No matter what the ailment is, it can almost always be related to lifestyle choice(s) you’ve made.

Staying up late and not getting enough rest
Overworking or not making time for yourself
Eating foods that don’t support your health
Exercising when you’re already exhausted
How you handle stressful or traumatic situations
Not being mindful or present and getting into dangerous situations

Every choice you make in your life can either support or suppress your health.  Sure you are dealt a deck of genes, but you have the power to turn genes related to your health off or on based upon the lifestyle choices you make – this is the beauty of epigenetics!

You truly have more power to heal yourself than you could ever imagine!

More than any doctor, in fact.  If you use the power of epigenetics in your favor, you could essentially prevent or reverse any disease, even cancer as Dr. Nasha Winters ND points out in her book The Metabolic Approach To Cancer.

To help you take back your power when it comes to your health, and to prevent or reverse disease, Molly Hamill and I just did a kick ass webinar on Tuesday night all about how to activate and upgrade your autoimmune healing process.  And this wasn’t just for people currently and knowingly suffering with an autoimmune condition, it was for everyone because..

Antibodies for autoimmune disease can be seen up to 10 years before a clinical diagnosis is given – you can reverse it before you get there.

The feedback we received on it was so incredible so I wanted to make sure you got a chance to check out the recording if you missed it.

For this week’s video and blog I’m sharing with you the Activate & Upgrade Your Autoimmune Healing webinar replay.

Activate And Upgrade Your Autoimmune Healing Adrenal Fatigue Leaky gut Thyroid Jenn Malecha

In this webinar replay Molly and I cover…

  • Contributing Factors:
    • How did you wind up here? What triggers autoimmune and chronic health conditions?
  • The Science Side:
    • What’s happening inside your body? How can you investigate and measure it
  • The Behavior Side:
    • How are your thoughts, feelings, emotions or lifestyle habits helping or hindering your health?
  • Activate & Upgrade:
    • What action can you take to activate and upgrade your autoimmune healing or to prevent health issues?

You will walk away with…

  • Our best practices which we use on ourselves and with our clients to identify stress on the body, how to take responsibility for it, and take action to promote healing.
  • A better understanding of how your thoughts, emotions, choices or lifestyle habits either help or hinder your health
  • Tools to coach up function in the body by rebuilding your relationship with it and changing your mindset
  • Knowledge about all the different angles of healing (science-based and spiritually) that you need to activate and/or upgrade your healing process or to prevent disease

Check out the replay and become empowered today – Get the replay here!

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