Are you coming next week?

Listen, I get it.

It feels like you’re struggling with most aspects of your business, and perhaps even worse, is that the road ahead never seems to smooth out.

But, what if I told you that there’s a better way – an easier proven way – to experience change, results, AND success? To finally become the trusted authority and expert in your market and effortlessly attract clients.

Here’s how…

Attend the upcoming Mindshare Collaborative’s Health Business Growth Conference on April 7-9th. It’s LIVE and ONLINE again this year, so there’s no reason you can’t be there.

You can get all of the juicy event details (and reserve your ticket for $1!) HERE  – be sure to ignore the price of $397, and enter THIS promo code: HBGCVIP at checkout.

All I can say is, the line-up this year… is nothing short of impressive!

Hosts: Mindshare founder – JJ Virgin and Mindshare CEO – Karl Krummenacher

Keynote speakers: “Entrepreneurs on Fire” founder – John Lee Dumas & Fitness Expert Natalie Jill.

Strategic Coaches: Summer Bock, Nat Kringoudis, Sinclair Kennally, Jenn Malecha (ME!), Sachin Patel & Dr. Meghan Walker

But, did you just think to yourself:

Nope. My market is too small (I’m too small!), so there’s no point in attending a conference like this – even if it is online.

*Heartbroken sigh* A lot of health business owners and wellness entrepreneurs think that because they’re not an “influencer” – that their small business doesn’t matter.

But, the truth is, your business – regardless of its size, DOES matter. In a big way!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…my health coaching business is considered small compared to others, but even so, I’ve helped hundreds of people heal AND generated a multiple 6-figure income every year doing it.

Today, more than ever before, it’s critical that dedicated Health Pros, like yourself, create a trustworthy brand that your ideal clients seek out to help them reach their personal health goals.

In other words: Your people need you and your expertise right now!

HBGC 2022 is the place to be if you’re serious about moving that needle, getting results in your health and wellness business, and setting yourself on the path to real SUCCESS.

I know you’ll come out of this conference feeling recharged, inspired, and more confident in your path.

You’ll make lifelong connections and partnerships to elevate you and your business just like I have.

Plus, you’ll be more motivated to TAKE ACTION on the changes that will make the biggest difference in your business – and that’s becoming the trusted authority in your market… finally!

Mindshare is committed to helping 1 BILLION people across the world improve their health, and in order to do that, they are dedicated to helping YOU get your message and unique gifts out into the world.

Will you join me at HBGC so we can change the world together?

Grab your ticket HERE for only $1 using the special promo code: HBGCVIP

(Why a $1 ticket and not just free? It helps their system ensure you’re a real person attending and not a bot, so they can accurately measure their global impact after the event)

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