The Toxic Body Burden [important info]

We live in a world where more and more toxins are being released into the environment every day, week, month, and year. There are far more than we can ever fathom, and our bodies have taken on a huge burden as a result.

During the pandemic, your toxin exposure has increased tenfold as a result of being confined indoors more than before, in addition to the heightened use of disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

The air inside your home alone is said to be up to 100% more toxic than the air outside due to paint, sealants, fire retardants, and cleaning products. 

In 2016, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a report from a year-long study showing that 420 chemicals, which are known or likely known to cause cancer, were found in the human body across different populations.

Let me repeat that…420 chemicals that can cause cancer have been found in our bodies!

Cancer might be the worst scenario regarding toxins, but what about what they do to your body on a daily basis?

Pesticides found in food and water have been linked to weight gain and insulin resistance in children and rodents.

A classification of toxins called Endocrine Disruptors are known to disrupt the Endocrine System, which houses your thyroid, adrenals, and other glands that regulate metabolism, growth, development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, mood, and other bodily functions.

Toxins cause inflammation and dysregulate the immune system making you more susceptible to autoimmune disorders, other chronic diseases, and illnesses such as colds, the flu, and allergies.

Exposure to Obesogen toxins alters cells that would become bones or other types of tissues into fat, contributing to osteoporosis and making your body biased towards burning carbs instead of fat for fuel.

So are we doomed to be a society of sick and toxic people?

Not exactly.

You do have a built-in and very sophisticated detoxification system.  Your liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and skin are always working hard behind the scenes to flush out as many toxins from your body as possible.

However, your detoxification system and organs could use some support since they are being required to work harder than ever before with this increase in environmental toxins.

In this week’s video and blog, I dive into how these toxins are taking a toll on your health and the best way to support your built-in detoxification system so you can feel your best.


There are a lot of “detoxing” or cleansing programs on the market these days claiming to boost your energy and help you lose weight as a result of flushing toxins from your body.

But are these programs as effective as they claim to be, or are you just flushing your money down the toilet (literally)?

Let’s examine some of the biggest myths around detoxing your body from the toxic burden and what you should know or be doing instead…

MYTH #1Juice Cleansing Is The Best Way To Detox
FACT It’s a waste of money if you’re not eating protein.  Protein is required for your body to actually move toxic elements through the different phases of detoxification in order to eliminate them.

MYTH #2 Diet & Exercise Are The Key To Weight Loss & Eliminating Toxins
FACTDiet and exercise aren’t really enough.  The liver is the powerhouse when it comes to eliminating toxins, regulating your metabolism and energy.  You need to show your liver some love in order to get the results you’re looking for, and one of the best ways to support your liver is sleeping from 10 pm to 4 am. 

MYTH #3 Detoxing Requires Expensive Supplements
FACT Supplements help, but aren’t the ultimate answer.  You have to decrease the toxic stuff coming in and increase the toxic stuff going out consistently.  Otherwise, supplements are just keeping you afloat, but not helping you to actually get ahead.

MYTH #4 Detoxing / Cleansing Means Deprivation
FACT No, it doesn’t at all!  There are simple ways to detox your body daily using food, water, sleep, exercise, and at-home liver supporting techniques that allow you to enjoy food and life.

Reducing your body’s daily toxic burden is fairly simple once you know how to identify toxins in your environment, and by putting some simple healthy habits in place to support your body’s natural elimination process.

We could all use a serious toxin cleanse after being cooped up for so long during the pandemic.

And let’s be honest, your eating and drinking habits have probably been less than ideal this past year.  Summer is right around the corner so it’s time to get back on track, detox the corona crap, and get back to feeling like your best self. 

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