When diet and exercise don’t work [solve it now]

For years I counted calories, tried diet after diet and exercised excessively; yet I always felt tired and frustrated trying to shed pounds, just like so many of my clients…until I found the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I hear so many people talk about their frustrations with their body, energy and their health – “I eat healthy and exercise so I don’t understand why…” 

  • I can’t drop weight
  • I don’t have any energy
  • My health isn’t improving

The truth is, there’s more to health and weight loss than just diet and exercise.

The body is a complex system and most people are ignoring some really important pieces of the puzzle, one of which is cleansing the body of toxins that contribute to a sluggish liver!

The liver plays a HUGE role in eliminating toxins, and when it’s overloaded with this work, it can’t convert hormones or regulate our metabolism like it’s supposed to in order for us to shed pounds and have energy.  

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Do you struggle with shedding pounds and feeling comfortable in your body?

I used to get so frustrated with the scale when I was counting calories and putting in hours of cardio. I would tell myself it was “just water weight” that I was hanging onto or that my genetics were holding me back. In reality, the age-old strategy of calories in vs. calories out just wasn’t doing the trick. 

So what gives? – at what point are diet and exercise not enough?

Age and genetics do play a small role, but I’ll tell you that I’ve seen many clients successfully lose weight at any age and with all different genetics. 

So what’s happening with people like us who diet like crazy, go to Crossfit daily, yet still don’t lose weight as we want?

When diet and exercise aren’t getting you results, you have to look at the other pieces of the puzzle, and quite possibly the biggest key player is your liver.

In this week’s video and blog, I talk more about the role your liver plays in weight loss and how to boost its function to shed those pounds.


We are exposed daily to high levels of toxins through food, water, air, home and personal care products. These toxins get filtered through the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system and are stored in fat tissue. Toxic build-up prevents the uptake and utilization of nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins.

When your liver is so busy working to filter out all these toxins it has very little energy left to filter blood, drugs and hormones; let alone do its other job as a digestive organ – thus many find shedding pounds more difficult.

Your liver is also in charge of converting and excreting excess hormones. If liver function is sub-optimal, then hormones such as estrogen can build up. This can lead to estrogen dominance, which can cause excess weight, hot flashes and an increased risk for cancer. 

The liver is also where a huge chunk of thyroid hormone conversion takes place, and an imbalance in thyroid slows your metabolism resulting in weight gain. 

If you’re exercising, your muscles need fuel and your liver helps produce that fuel. However, a clogged liver won’t, and when that happens, excess glucose gets stored as fat.

Here are 10 common signs your liver needs cleansing:

  1. Abdominal bloating
  2. Menstrual irregularities
  3. Abdominal fat; pot belly; that “spare tire” effect
  4. Joint and muscle pain
  5. Low energy or fatigue
  6. Acid reflux/heartburn
  7. Body odor
  8. Overheating of the body & excessive perspiration
  9. Acne/Rosacea or itchy, blotchy skin
  10. Unexplained weight gain and inability to lose weight even with calorie restriction

Keeping your liver in working order is a matter of reducing its stressful toxic load AND supporting its natural detox ability.  You can do this several ways…

  1.   Reduce your exposure to toxins
  2.   Eat powerful detoxifying foods; beets, grapefruit, dandelion greens
  3.   Do a detox cleanse 1-2 times per year

If you’ve hit a wall with your body or suspect that your liver could use some love, then you are in luck!

You’re invited to cleanse your liver and feel like your best self again…


This challenge will help you boost your liver function naturally using foods and gentle cleansing methods so that you can:

  • Lose those stubborn pounds
  • Boost your energy
  • Enhance your hormones and overall health

This 28-day challenge starts May 13th, and you can participate for just $1 per day!

Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to get back on track, cleanse the Corona crap, and get back to feeling like your best self.

Will you join me and many others to shed pounds and boost your energy naturally?



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